Today’s Delivery …Gun Point Gear SASR Morale Patches

Purchased some new SASR style patches to replace the my homemade ones. Have to say Gun Point Gear do a very well made piece of kit here, with subdued markings and great stitching. A perfect piece of kit for the Aussie/SASR inspired loadout.   Bought for £6.50 a piece, and with free shipping courtesy of … More Today’s Delivery …Gun Point Gear SASR Morale Patches

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy – Patrol Incident Gear Plate Carrier

This plate carrier has been the basis of all of my load outs since sometime in 2011 so I’ve definitely had the chance to use and abuse it. Who are Patrol Incident Gear (PIG)? PIG are an American gear maker that appeared in around 2010 and started off just making a few products like the PIG … More Here Piggy Piggy Piggy – Patrol Incident Gear Plate Carrier

Reference Pictures & Building ‘Dat’ Loadout (Basics)

We’ve all sen that one ‘real steel’ picture or specific loadout that makes us think “Hey, that’s how I want to look!” Action movies, facebook pages, Instagram etc… All can be used to get the right inspiration to get the look that warrants the definitive “Dat Loudout Tho” comment (as annoying as that can sometimes … More Reference Pictures & Building ‘Dat’ Loadout (Basics)

Load outs

Watched Zero Dark Thirty a few too many times? Been up late playing Lone Survivor on repeat? Or Perhaps you’ve put together kit that works for you into one package and fancy sharing your rationale for why that bit of gear is where it is. Here is the place for kit lists and photos of … More Load outs

Project Blasters

Been building a gun from the ground up? Seen a real steel that you’ve taken as inspiration to create a blaster or built something with the latest shiny mosfet and internals? If you fancy showing off what you’ve done, and how you’ve done it, write up a brief with some pictures and we’ll get it … More Project Blasters

Gear reviews

Sporting the latest bit of tactical nylon? Living by the phrase ‘Crye or die’ well this is the area for you. Reviews of any gear from head to toe are welcome here. Set of trousers embarrassed you on their first day out by letting the crotch or now you’re wondering how you ever ‘softed without … More Gear reviews