G&G TR16 R4 Commando (GEN3)

I’ve heard very good reviews and stories about the G&G Top Tech range. So when I decided to buy a new gun, I went for the brand new third generation which had launched a few weeks before.

I bought it from Proairsoftsupplies.co.uk for £289.99


The Top Tech range boasts some pretty good features for a sub £300 AEG:
1: A well machined external body (sadly without real steel trademarks)
2: 6.03mm tightbore barrel which runs the full length of the outer one
3: The well renowned G&G “Green” hop rubber
4: Very strong gearbox and internals
5: Silver plated heavy gauge wiring and MOSFET
6: “11.1v LiPo ready”

All sounds well and good, but the last point may be the deal breaker for someone with 11.1v LiPos (I’ll cover that later on)

When the AEG arrived,  it was well packaged and looked brilliant. It had a high quality feel to it and no unwanted rattling or wobbling was anywhere to be seen.

G&G M4 fresh out of the box, it came with a G&G branded foregrip and 450rd hi-cap

It worked a charm with a 7.4v LiPo, making full use of that tightbore and MOSFET for fast trigger response and tight groupings.

Here is a video of it with a half charged 7.4ll LiPo:

Here is a video of it being chrono’d the first time I took it to a skirmish (oh and I had a 11.1v 2600Mah 25C LiPo in it too):

It worked impeccably for the first 4/5 skirmishes, really making me happy with my purchase.

This is when problems started….

Because of the ridiculous 11.1v LiPo and active breaking from the MOSFET, the standard motor was dying. You could tell by the sheer amount of copper powder covering the outside of the motor. This is when I decided to buy a new motor, a G&P M120. I have had good use out of them in the past and thought it was a good idea to get one. Oh how wrong was I.

The AEG worked initially, for say 3000 or so rounds. Just see the performance!

As the video suggests, I was given a new piston and motor for free by one of the gun techs who was at the site who by coincidence works for Proairsoftsupplies.co.uk where I got the gun from, who said it was covered by the G&G warranty. The AEG worked ok the day after the incident but never felt the same, this was followed by the gun completely stopping and a horrible burning smell coming from the battery compartment. The MOSFET had blown.

Due to being a student on a budget and only playing airsoft once a month, I had limited contact with the gun tech and his bag full of G&G spares. In total, we ended up blowing another 5/6 G&G MOSFETS with a combination of new motors, gearboxes etc.

Because of this, and the horrible 20A rating the G&G MOSFETs have (even though there is a 30A fuse, which never blew once… derp) I have had a custom MOSFET built for it.

This MOSFET is rated at 80A at 50V, much stronger than the original. The amazing thing is that it has the same active breaking feature and is just as small!

The custom MOSFET, with 25A fuse and deans connector.

It finally works! After 5 months of it being fixed / broken it’s back to its usual self (minus the 11.1v LiPo). Because it’s working again, I decided to give it a bit of an external upgrade by getting a 12.5″ Daniel Defense rail for it at an amazing price. (Thanks Jo, love you long time)

This is the M4 as it stands today, it’s still needing some extras for the Block II look  but they’re to come soon!

The moral of the story is: “11.1v LiPo Ready” is a lie. Stick to 7.4v LiPos and the AEG will last forever.

I’m going to give this an 8/10 for performance and extremely good warranty, it would have 10/10 if it never blew the MOSFET!

Written by Liam (Piss Flaps)

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