Reference Pictures & Building ‘Dat’ Loadout (Basics)

We’ve all sen that one ‘real steel’ picture or specific loadout that makes us think “Hey, that’s how I want to look!”


Action movies, facebook pages, Instagram etc… All can be used to get the right inspiration to get the look that warrants the definitive “Dat Loudout Tho” comment (as annoying as that can sometimes be). With films like Lone Survivor, Battle: Los Angeles and even A Bridge Too Far you can easily get a 360 degree view of what you’re after. To get as close to an actual real world unit, you will have to delve a little deeper. This is where the likes of the good old ‘Google Image’ and Instagram become your new battle buddy.


Whether its low budget, high funding or even just mixing together what you already have in your mum’s closet, it all boils down to one factor: Looking how you want to look!!! If you want that SF look, its possible…if you want to do something original based on you imagination it can be done. There is plenty of information on forums, FB pages and google itself on what you need. The hard part is choosing who you want to be…and with the opportunity to be anything or anyone, it could be a daunting task!

The market is full of repro/real steel/custom made options out there, and with the right reference pictures and a few correct terms, the balls in your court.

OP Slipper

Things to remember:

  • Repro-kit won’t last forever and can sometimes be poorly made, recommended for light use
  • Real steal gear is expensive but has the seal of being hard wearing and durable
  • Don’t forget your primary and secondary weapon systems
  • Shop around, not everywhere has the same price
  • Use forums/informed pages & sites, they are there for a reason
  • eBay & Instagram are your friend
  • If you don’t know, ask someone who does
  • It doesn’t have to be stitch perfect (unless you like that) to work in your favour
  • Be who you want to be, you have the option

As a user of a lot of repro gear I would highly recommend ‘ebairsoft’ for that area of sourcing. Real steel gear, would have to be Tactical-Kit UK as their customer service and array of goodies are hard to beat.

(p.s. all these photos were sourced from Google images alone)

Happy Hunting 🙂




~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)



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