TMC Adaptive Vest (Multicam) Review

Recently decided to swap out my TMC LBT6094SLICK with something new.After pondering whether to purchase some real steel gear like Crye Precision, Mayflower and the like, I stumbled across a new item on the ‘ebairsoft’ vest range.



TMC produce this “Adaptive Vest” system, modeled as a direct replica of the Crye Precision AVS Plate Carrier. First glances very similiar, and its pretty well made for costing just under £60 delivered. Highly adjustable, extremely confortable and the plate cut is anything but restrictive. The shape makes it highly breathable and fit for warm/hot weather.


With a few ‘needed’ additions to fit my desired loadout, easily attached via generous amounts of adaptive molle, it has soon become my preferred rig.


For a replica piece of equipment, it fits all the markers for a good (and cost effective) airsoft accessory. With a lot of potential for the milsim re-enactor or just the average Joe (see what I did there), I’d highly recommend as a purchase!!



9/10 Would Bang!!!




~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)



11 thoughts on “TMC Adaptive Vest (Multicam) Review

  1. Great looking replica. One question though, I use hsgi pouches as I use multi calibre mags. Are the pouches that come with this rig removable to make space for my preferred choice? Thanks.

    1. They are buddy, if you YouTube Cry Precision AVS (the real steel version) then can be removed in the same way. I have and replaced them with a the Hayley Strategic D3 onto the velcro, works perfectly

      Sorry, on phone so not logged in.

      1. Ok, so any pouch has to be fixed to the front by Velcro, there’s no molle panel can fix to the front? That’s a Shane if it’s the case. The emerson model does hav this option, but doesn’t come with the additional side straps. I’m torn!

  2. If I may ask, who makes that woodland combat shirt that you’re wearing? Just ordered my TMC AVS but in RG and am thinking about switching to woodland.

  3. Great vest, ordered one based on your review.

    Couple questions, how have you mounted the side pouches? I’ve attached some molle pouches to the thin cumberband that is attached to the back panel and then overlayed that with the extra 3 strip cumberband that I’ve attached via the 3 tan clips at the back, however, when I put the PC on, the pouches would be crushed before I even get the chance to put mags in….

    Sorry for crap explanation, I’m at work currently so can’t back up description with photos

    1. Sorry for the late reply, missed this comment. I had the same issues and overcame it buy adding pouches to the outside in the end. You could use hard outer pouches like FAST mags for your magazines, if I think of anything better I’ll be in touch

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