BudgetLAD… Jomarre’s Ai500 Loadout

So with Ai500 coming up in August and a fair amount of us booked into the green team (Norsemen), time to put together a colour specific loadout. As by the rules and club voting, we needed to follow the basic outline of OD or civilian clothing. Tactical gear, luckily, wasnt included in that ruling. More information can be found at:  http://www.ai-mag.com/games/ai500-vipers-nest/

So following on from Adam’s loadout he posted recently, I’ve purposely put together a minimal budget and easily sourced yet visually pleasing equivalent. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a few items in there that arn’t penny sweets but the majority can be picked up for next to nothing.

Ai Loadout 1

Decided on a combination of an under armour shirt, tshirt and fleece for the cold would be a right place to start. With this in mind I picked up HH’s Lifa dry on eBay and threw on a plain black tee from home, whilst in reserve a Helikon patriot in black for the colder evening and wet weather. The fleece itself I’ve had for a few years now and can’t fault it one bit (so much so I wear it to work everyday).

Ai Loadout2

My next issue to overcome was trousers and even though I had my heart set on some Emerson Crye rep’s in OD, eBay and my usual sources were coming up empty. A little down-hearted I took an amble into TK Maxx and low and behold, for £3.99 on the clearance section… a set of Craghoppers BaseCamp Convertible Trousers in Olive. Score!!! With removable legs to make them into shorts, high wicking and the perfect fit with an elasticated waist I’m pretty sure I bagged a bargain here. Added with some Under Armour Thigh Supports my search was over.

ai loadout4

After that was solved,  ammo carriage and equipment. As reviewed before, I will be running my TMC Adaptive plate carrier with an 8 mag setup, all my comms and hydration. Also attached directly to my Blackhawk Rigger’s belt I have a Condor Double Pistol Pouch, Blackhawk M9 Serpa and a Warrior Double Open Top M4 Pouch. With a few much needed essentials such as my TMC Impact Pro Gloves, MOD Issue Shemagh, Warrior Wrist Map Pouch, Bolle Classic Sunglasses and Classic Notch Cap in Tan the loadout is 90% there. Add in my old hiking boots from the garage for that Civvie footwear look and my Ztactical Liberator Headset (not pictured) to finish off my comms setup…  its ‘winner winner chicken dinner.’

Heres a list of all the items pictured and where I sourced them from:

  • Craghoppers BaseCamp Convertible Trousers in Olive – TK Maxx
  • Helikon Patriot Fleece in Black – Military 1st
  • Helly Hansen Lifa Dry Long Sleeve – Ebay/Tactical-Kit
  • Plain Black Tshirt – burton’s I think???? Any cheap clothes shop
  • TMC Pro Impact Gloves – ebairsoft
  • MOD Issue Shemagh Scarf – The British Army
  • Classic Notch Cap in Tan – Tactical-Kit
  • ACM Tinted Impact Glasses/Bolle Classic Ballistics (Shaded) – eBay
  • Ztactical Liberator Headset – eBay
  • TMC Adaptive Plate Carrier (Assorted pouches) – ebairsoft
  • Blackhawk M9A1 Serpa Holster (Modified) – private sale

Ai loadout3

Finally not forgetting my Primary, Secondary and Back-Up Primary:

  • Tm Recoil MK18 Custom w/ Spectre, Element PEQ, Magpul AFG and X7 Tm Recoil 70rd Stanag Magazines
  • Socom Gear M9A1SOF w/ 1X Green Gas 26rd Magazine and 2X CO2 31rd Magazines
  • Cybergun/VFC MK17 (SCAR-H) AEG with Eotech 551, Tango Down Grip, Element PEQ and 2X VFC Hi-Caps

See you all at UCAP Sandpit…

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)

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