Crye or Die!!! Crye Precision AC Gen2 Trousers Review

I’m not gonna lie, this review will be a little biased…but not in the way you’d think It would be!!!

Crye Precision have been sourcing top quality nylon to the tactical world for probably longer than some of us have been around. That said, it dosn’t mean you have to know who they are. Their products are tailored more for the real steel market and the budding milsim enthusiast. There are plenty of replicas following the current style of fashion with tactical clothing but remember it most likely started with this company!

I’ll get to the point, Crye produce these set of Army Combat (AC) Generation 2 combat trousers in Crye Multicam and all I have to say is…wow! Retailed at over £200 for the trousers and more if you want the knee pads I was lucky to pick some up for £130 all in. Straight off the bat you can see how good they are, totally adjustable in all the right places and expertly cut for ease of movement. Plenty of pockets positioned not to impede you progress and flexi material built into the knees and lower back just seal the deal as a great pair of combat lower garment.

APRCP40232R APRCP40232R-AFor the price, I wouldn’t recommend them to every airsofter…me personally I plan to spend every day in them for the next month just to justify the expenditure. Then again if you have cash to blow you would definitely get your monies worth from this purchase. Also comes in an array of different sizes and colours.

Solid 10/10 from me, would be 8/10 if I’d paid full price!

They can be bought direct from the manufacturer:

Or alternatively on eBay or from Level Peaks Associates:

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)




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