“Another Notch On The Bed Post” – Joint Notch Cap Review

Notch Classic Kryptek Typhon & Notch Classic Adjustable Tan

Briefly, who are Notch Gear? Founded by a US Marine, they produce both Civvie and ‘Operator’ style caps. Their military line up is available at most good tactical kit retailers (both hats mentioned here were bought from: http://www.tactical-kit.co.uk ). What’s the point of Notch? Basically they are designed so that you can were a cap without them interfering with any sunglasses or shooting glass that you may be wearing and are aptly named after the ‘notch’ cut into each side of the bill of the hat. Their website can be found: https://www.notchgear.com/ and they have a sizing guide within each section

Adam:notch 2

Compared to Jomarre’s version, the two versions of Notch caps which come in camo (either Kryptek Highlander or Typhoon (the one I have)) only come in the ‘fitted’ range, and don’t have an adjustment strap around the back, so you have to make a choice of either XS/Youth, S/M or L/XL. If you don’t know what size hat you are, hit up their website with a tape measure and you can work it out from there. Following their advice, if you are just within the lower range of one size, consider purchasing the one below as there is some stretch in the hat to accommodate. In the fitted line, only the front third of the hat is solid material, with back two thirds a mesh construction. This helps with ventilation on a hot day and as someone who doesn’t usually get on with caps because I find they insulate too much heat during airsoft, I find the mesh makes the hat comfortable to wear whilst ‘softing. The fitted hats also have the notch logo embroidered  onto the front. The bill has enough give that you can shape it to your liking and it’ll stay there. Because of the notches in the sides, you can have a much more aggressive shape on the cap without it pushing down on your glasses. Due to the nature of the camo pattern used, no cap in Highlander or Typhoon will be exactly the same, so to a certain extent each hat is unique. There is also a moisture wicking sweatband in the hat which helps on a really hot day. So far I really cannot fault this hat, the only thing that some people might want is some added velcro for a patch, which is only available on the type which Jomarre has picked up below, so given that I will give the hat a: 9/10.





Following on from Smiffy’s words, I bought the adjustable version in Tan (to accommodate my in-progress Aussie Loadout). Have to say, and I’m not one for beating around the bush….buy this hat. Had far too many rounds to the forehead to not wear this every game. Sits really low and protects those vital, sorely hit areas. Rhianna could do with one of these. Totally adjustable and comes in another fitted version (see above) so there’s plenty of choice. The design is not exactly ‘revolutionary’ but they’ve made something very simple VERY well. Would recommend to any player and keeps the heat out even without the extra wicking the flex version has.

9/10, would definitely take out for dinner twice!

~ Adam Smith (SMIFFY)
~ Adam Smith (SMIFFY)
~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)




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