An Inspired Rifle: The G&G Build

An Inspired Rifle: The G&G Build

First and foremost, we owe the inspiration itself for these two builds to Rich Norman of ‘The Reptile House’, Skippy for his PTW build and the Australian SASR for their beautiful taste in blasters.

Whilst Skippy used a Systema PTW and a number of real steal parts to recreate this beast of a blaster, both myself and Adam have gone down the route of using airsoft replicas as they are much cheaper and easier to get a hold of, and involve a whole lot less rethreading of the upper receiver to fit (PTW’s allow drop in fit of real fore ends and rails).

The Inspiration
The Inspiration
Base Gun
Base Gun

Base Gun: G&G Top-Tech R4 Full Metal. Repaired, over time, with new trigger spring, element lightweight piston head and o ring, and a re-shim on the gears.  I have externally upgraded this blaster a few times and currently is setup as a non-kosher MK18.

Parts I’ll need:

  • Madbull Troy TRX Battlerail 13″
  • Krylon Sand/Khaki/Black
  • G&P T1 with LaRue Mount
  • CTR Stock
  • MP7 Irons
  • Barrel Extension

As a budget kinda guy, I will attempt to do a realistic looking mock-up whilst using minimal funds and what I have in possesion already. Luckily I already 90% of these items and the TRX rail arrived today.

Firstly i need to strip this bad boy down to the bare minimum. Removing the Madbull 9.5 MK18 rail is an easy task, and add on the barrel extension. Now that the inner and outer are back up to 14.5″ spec,  I can begin to add on the Madbull TRX rail.


With all the fore-end parts removed and barrel extension in place, I can move onto fixing the Madbull TRX in place. First thing to afix the delta ring attachment to the receiver and then…well…thats it! A monkey could literally put this front end on!


With that in place I started to sort out my battery options. I decided I didn’t want to have the previous arrangement of a battery in a PEQ, so I ‘jerry-rigged’ a 7.4V 1300mah LiPo to the outer barrel. The TRX has ample room to store this battery type with no need for barrel modification. That problem easily solved…I moved on.

With the under-rail requirements sorted, I moved on to the bolt-on accessories. I wanted to use an eotech replica at first but finally went for a G&P replic T1 red dot with a real steel LaRue mount. Much better for me personally and looks the business. Add in a mock PEQ and a MP7  fore-sight and we have the ball rolling.


Added the MP7 rear sight to the upper receiver, some tan sniper tape to mimic the real steel reference picture and we are slowly getting closer to the finished article. Unsure as of yet whether to add in a fore-grip (probably a MagPul AFG) but that’s a future concern.


With all the externals in place, and all the internals previously put to spec the only job next was the paintjob (my favourite part). Using Krylon Tan, Krylon Sand and Army Painter Black I chose a design I’d seen floating round the forums and blogs in the past. The finished article has now become my finest piece of work and I can happily say… It won’t be getting changed out for the foreseeable future!!!



Thanks for viewing, another information you’d like on this build just give me a message. Also, look forward to the Recoil version by Smiffy very soon.


~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)



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