“It’s Just A Relflex” …Or Is It The Next Best Thing?

In the Airsoft community, and I mean ‘the whole’ Airsoft community, hype can be a major factor in pushing what you purchase. This review is by no means any different. You hear people chatting, you see posts online and you get intrigued …next thing you know you’ve purchased an item and your only justification is the words from a faceless entity you may never have met. This is what happened with me, but luck was on my side in more ways than one.

Introducing the Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch MK2

Kindly supplied by ‘Army Surplus and Toys’ (www.armysurplusandtoys.com) who have an eBay shop and their own Facebook page. Next day postage was a rare treat may I add so thank you very much guys, great service keep it up.



What it is for:

  • The Reflex Mag Pouch Mk1 was designed to make magazine exchanges simple and quick by cycling the rear magazine forward while leaving a space to easily re-insert empty or partially full magazines.  The Reflex Mag Pouch Mk 2 (aka Special Forces Edition) introduces new features based off input from the Special Forces community, whom have a wider range of missions and additional requirements.

So what we have here basically is a pouch designed to speed up and ease your reloading capability. With the Package you get some really well put together instructions detailing the configurations you can have (also printed on card which is a nice touch).




As the idiot-proof instructions show, you can adjust the the pouch to have standard double stack, single stack and an under the plate ‘Low Profile’ option. All in all when it comes to changing up your style of magazine carriage you get a lot of options in a very small package. To better highlight these available functions, Regulation Tactical have a short video on usage and changing it up:

I decided to actually run this piece of kit on my belt as opposed to my plate carrier, the molle looping at the back is adequate for the job but is a little unconventional and similar to the old G&P pouch attachment system. Sturdy enough to take a knocking and won’t fly off at a sharp tug. The only issue I have with this system, and as others at the MAC has mentioned…its bulky. Given there’s a lot going on inside this pouch to make it do what it does, I won’t hold it against the designer…he has done a sterling job of creating this pouch.

With all the hype, peoples opinions of this pouch and my quick to dive in at the deep end abilities I can honestly say I’ve struck a winner. It is a great piece of kit, no doubts there. Its actually good enough for me to buy another so that gives you an idea of how well it performs. As a suggestion, remove the ‘over the top’ retention strap… comes off easy,  its only there for military requirement and you wont really use it.

8.5/10, would definitely introduce to the parents

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)

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