Mission Planning – Milsim or not to Milsim that is the question

I’ve been working on a scenario/mission for what seems like forever and i started to think about what i wanted in a game and was it just me or do other people think the same way.

This is the scenario

    Cut the Pipeline

Game time maximum 45 mins to 1 hour or until team 1 successfully cut pipelines. Depending on numbers you can have 1,2 or three pipelines needing defending or cutting. Suggest pipelines are laid across the roads in a logical sense (i.e. from landside to beach side in a reasonable line of sight).

Team 1 starts at the boat entrance (as if infiltration is by sea).
Team 2 are guarding the pipeline and can start up around the immediate perimeter of the pipelines but cannot get into defensive positions. (as if they only get intel about the attack on the whistle).

At the start whistle team 1 can recce and team 2 get to organise defence only on 2nd whistle can team 2 leave the immediate perimeter of pipeline and team 1 attack. (time could be 1 min or 5 depends on the marshall)

To cut the pipeline one player must have his hand in contact with the cut zone for 5 minutes and can only defend himself with sidearm,(to show cut pipeline separate the barrels) if hit the 5 minutes restarts after medic’ing the player or new player re-contacts the cut zone.(A stopwatch will be needed to stop any arguments). Then place and detonate a bomb/grenade (this can be simulated if no pyro available) in the box to destroy the control centre.

Remember to successfully complete this task you must cut the pipeline and destroy the control centre.

At this point a flag is raised or coloured tape attached to show all the other players that the pipeline is cut and control box is destroyed.
The opposing team can fix the pipeline by using the same method as above but only if the control box has not been destroyed.

After pipelines are destroyed all team 1 members must extract to the boat and only at that point can the mission be classed as completed and team 1 win.
If any pipelines are destroyed but team 1 do not extract successfully then game is classed as a tie.
If at the time limit any pipelines are intact team 2 win.
Standard medic rules.
Standard ammo rules.
Standard bleed out rules but 5 minutes must be strictly adhered to.

This is about the 10th rewrite of this scenario as i continually added real world terms,units and descriptions, i had IED’s, casualties all mixed up in the scenario. This led me to thinking about the whether or not the term ‘Milsim’ is appropriate when planning or playing, should we when people are doing this for real pretend or play soldiers to a level where simulating IED strike is acceptable? Do men and women who have served mind the airsoft community appropriating their experiences for what is a hobby/sport? What does if anything does a wounded service person think about simulated explosives and grenades? I knew as i was writing this that even using fictional names for places or units it was still very thinly disguised. Watching youtube videos, visiting forums, reading blogs from other people shows a multitude of views, recently a large game in europe had all the players in units, simulated casualties, IED strikes even helicopters. The US based airsofters often invite veterans to run and advise on the games (Col Mcknight of Black Hawk Down for example).
Are we just trying to legitimise what we play at by doing this or does it add that extra bit of spice to our game experiences? There’s no doubt that arm chair warriors like myself do love the idea of being a Seal,S.A.S or Para as we play our games, we pretend in our minds that we are Bravo Two Zero or Seal Team 6 when we emulate their exploits. A large part of the airsoft ‘hobby’ is collecting and copying real world loadouts, using real units as inspiration and to the more dedicated copying uniforms and weapons to the last stitch and rivet, but non of it still really answers the question should we ‘Milsim’. Perhaps as a civilian who has never served I can’t give anything more than a personal opinion and you would need to ask men and women who haved served what they think, Although i use the term ‘operator’ at the moment in quite a jovial fashion i do appreciate what the real ‘Operators’ do on a daily basis and I think unless one of those service personnel tell me that it’s ok I will always err on the side of caution and leave off those references in scenario writing and base my loadouts on a theme rather than copying a specific unit.



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