The Pack Mentality… Tactical Tailor Fight Light Removable Operator Pack Review

I have a problem! My problem is money. I hate its existence and I don’t like spending it whatsoever unless I really need to.  In the airsoft world this can be a tad of an issue or (in my case) it can make you more devious with the way you handle your finances. I have another problem… I need a hydration/ammo carriage system and Ai500 is round the corner. It needs to be small, robust, carry what i need and I want the option to drop it quick when it suits me.

So after a scrape through the cupboards, dragging out all the barely used kit I have accumulated and posting away on the sales forums …I now have a budget of £80 (thereabouts) and I need chicken dinner of a winner! After a brief chat with Smiffy (this pages’ other moderator), he suggested  an item that could be my new favourite piece of kit to date.OP PACK 1

Tactical Tailor of the USA produce this cosmetically eye pleasing piece of tactical nylon. The Fight Light Removable Operator Pack. Comes in an assortment of colour options  to fit your requirements (Multicam was my choice) and can easily be found at amongst other retailers. Being TK’s unofficial trademark, next-day delivery was a given…these guys do what they do really well and with a price of £72.95 posted I was still inside my budget with change.

The pack is designed to be readily attachable to plate carrier through clip assortment at the top and sides, whilst also capable of being a ‘stand alone’ day sack through well designed straps that tuck away inside. All the clips you need are included so you’re not forking out for aftermarket extras. You can attach the packs to anything you fancy via the two top Malice Style clips and by the two MOLLE attachments female clips further down. Plenty of choice here for different kinds of plate carrier, Low Pro Armour Chassis etc etc…if its got MOLLE its going on there no problems.



Insides there’s two main compartments, a small outer and a larger inner (also the space for the straps to be tucked in could easily hold a normal size bladder). Total space is up to 1’178.25 cu.inches which for me is plenty. A large carry handle, 1000 denier construction and outer MOLLE real estate finish off this item beautifully. But… there’s always one thing that brings things down for me and no, it’s not the price. The velcro that adorns the top of the pack just looks funny, I mean… it’s like a bad Van Gogh painting but it’s no major deal.

All in all, I’d say this is well worth the price tag. You could opt for a lower priced, similar item but this time I fancied something a little special. Being a TT item you know it’ll stand up to the riggers of combat so Airsoft wise it’ll probably outlive my expectations. If you do fancy this (or something similar in the range) I’d highly recommend purchase through Tactical-Kit. Those boys seriously have their heads screwed on.

10/10 (ignoring the velcro) would bang!!!

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)



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