Site Review: Double Tap Airsoft, Knock Froy, Isle Of Man


As some people know, there are two Airsoft Club open to the public now for over a year. Our club ‘The Manx Airsoft Club’ and joining us in the sport is ‘Double Tap Airsoft’ at Knock Froy just outside of Douglas (near the Mount Murray Hotel and Resort). A few of our senior members and players received an invite to come and visit the site so I’ve decided to do an ‘after-action’ report and let our followers know our opinion.

Let me firstly state that this club has built itself from the ground up with little outside help and differs slightly with its game day running, in-game rules and scenario basis to how we at the MAC do things.


The site has an ample car park and a small hut which is used as an office and supplies the usual ammo, rental gun options. The rental guns themselves are G&G Combat Machines in fair amount (enough to cater for hen/stag parties, birthdays etc). Sadly there is no definitive ‘Safe Zone’ and the club uses the ‘Saftey On, Mags Out’ approach which even if enforced strictly possibly carries issues but advice on that subject has been given. For all intents and purposes I personally would recommend not removing eyewear unless really needed in all areas.

The site topographically has a lot to offer. Undulating ground including wooded stream beds, hill-top stand offs and flat areas for distance game-play are a plenty and more has been promised form the site managers in the near future. Recently a small fort feature has been built to offer a base attack type scenario game and has been well placed with a surrounding ridge to heighten the intensity of the game play. Sadly one factor let that area down with the amount of protruding exposed nails…but we have been reassured that this issue will be addressed accordingly and by the time of this publishing it will have been. The fort and layout itself though have been well positioned.

1014293_612406898855700_1286136121254436561_nThe Mound. For a piece of raised earth sat at the bottom of a hill, surrounded by open ground you’d expect a game to be lacking in excitement. Wrong! The ensuing firefight whilst the MAC defended and DT assaulted left us feeling like a we’d walked into a Blackhawk Down simulation and proved a lot more ‘tasty’ than previously expected. Multiple assault points and minimal cover up top really got the hearts going but we were lucky (by only a few seconds) to hold position. Added to the intensity with heat and constant advances from DT, this scenario even put some of our long-time veterans through their paces. All-in-all a top little scenario.

10367136_623242401105483_8732682991168462091_nNext up was the fort assault, and after a little issue with lost kit I decided to play for the host team (DT) and assault the MAC who were holding the objective. Plenty of cover for both sides resulting into quite a close range fire-fight. This sadly presented another problem. At the MAC we have a standing rule of ‘No Blind Fire’ and for good reason as two of our members took a volley of full auto to the face. The results weren’t pretty and I’ve once again been reassured this will be addressed. I also was blind-fired by one of my own team in this game, sadly cutting short my approach to film.

The Valley game. Throughly enjoyed this game to the max. Sloping hills surrounding a river bed proved for hard game play topographically and with ambushes around every corner adrenaline fuelled experience would be an understatement. Possibly the hardest game we’ve had to play as a collective visiting group but personally a game I would play over and over again. Brought back some long missed memories of the Jungle Warfare School in Belize and this game alone settled my opinion of what this site has to offer.

The club organisers were easy to approach and were always on hand if any issues occurred and were happy to take any constructive criticism offered. All in all a good group of guys who even though have started from scratch with little or no help, have put together a fun-filled afternoon/evening packed with challenges.

My overall personal opinion, 8/10. There are issues that need sorting, but for whats been achieved with what they have to work with, I can say there is definitely a serious amount of potential and gusto in Double Tap. Stag/Parties… a definite must and the more experienced player can find qualities in this site to thoroughly enjoy.

Price Range ££ (10-30) dependant

More Info: 07624 257897

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)




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