An Inspired Rifle – The Recoil Build

First and foremost, we owe the inspiration itself for these two builds  (see the G&G build here: to Rich Norman of ‘The Reptile House’, Skippy for his PTW build and the Australian SASR for their beautiful taste in blasters (which you can find here:

The inspiration:

This is the Aussie SASR team member who Skippy used as his reference point, so this is where we have both started as well.

Whilst Skippy used a Systema PTW and a number of real steal parts to recreate this beast of a blaster, both myself and Jomarre have gone down the route of using airsoft replicas as they are much cheaper and easier to get a hold of, and involve a whole lot less rethreading of the upper receiver to fit (PTW’s allow drop in fit of real fore ends and rails).

As the title suggests this build is being built off of a Tokyo Mauri Next Generation Recoil Shock rifle, where as Jomarre is initially building his off of a G&G Top Tech (with plans to move it to a recoil platform later on). Where as the original blaster above is using a 13 inch rail, with a 14.5 inch barrel, my recoil build will be on a 10.3 inch barrel with a 9 inch rail system, which is my take on the rifle rather than a fully fledged replication. For a more faithful, full 13 inch rail/14.5 inch barrel, check out the G&G build which is true replication.

So the project started as a TM Recoil M4 CQB-R, looking a little something like this:

The beginnings
The beginning

Internally this build has been left completely stock, as even with the 280/290 FPS that a stock TM puts it, it can easily lift 0.25g BBs as far as many upgrade rifles so there’s no much point touching that. The only thing that I have done is hard wire it to deans by binning off the entire QD battery assembly which has notably upp’d the trigger response.

The next stage is to start bolting bits onto the rifle, so here’s a list of what’s going on:

  • Troy licensed Madbull Troy TRX Extreme BattleRail 9inch in FDE
  • Night Evolution M60C Scout light in DE
  • Element AN/PEQ-16A in FDE
  • Clone Mapgpul front and rear BUIS
  • And possibly some squid grips for added grip rather than a rail and a foregrip which will add more bulk.
  • G&G Eotech XPS replica
  • A lick of Krylon paint, applied by Jomarre, in a similar style to the reference pictures as it matches ATACS FG quite well.

In order to get the old RIS and front site assembly off, you need to remove the upper and remove the inner barrel as well. It’s useful to place some black tape over the gearbox on a recoil to stop the charging handle and associated spring making a bid for freedom. Once you’ve secured that, knock out the punch pins in the front site, and get yourself the appropriately sized allen key and put it through the small hole that is on the underside of the outer barrel below the front site. You need to remove this grub screw and the punch pins to take off the front site. Taking the RIS off is pretty simple, unscrew the allen screw on the top rail, pull back the delta ring, and the bottom and top halves will lift/fall away. Once you’ve done this, undo the philips head screw on the underside of the barrel by the delta ring and part of the assembly will jump forwards and removed from the barrel. Then comes the tricky part, getting the delta ring off. The delta ring is not only screwed on tight, but TM have also used some locktite on the threads as well, so you are best off getting a hair dryer and heating the delta ring up to a point where it is too hot to touch which should have hopefully helped melt the locktite and make the job easier. Then either use an armours wrench if you have one (a good investment) or you can brute force it with a screw driver into the grooves and a hammer and gently tap it undone (FYI the delta ring unscrews in a counter-clockwise direction).

Once you’ve removed this, because Madbull block the route for a gas tube in their replicas to stop them being used on real steel, you either need to remove the lug on the upper receiver which had a tiny silver ring on it (my preferred option, I just use a hacksaw to remove then fine sandpaper to finish) or you can modify the rail which I’d rather not do. After this its a case of putting the grey collar back onto the outer barrel, sliding the new delta ring back over and tightening back up so that the barrel is straight and has no wobble, slide the rail over and tighten the two allen bolts on the rail (you may need to tighten or loosen the collar slightly to make sure the rail aligns with the upper receiver correctly but the adjustment should be obvious). Then reattach the flash hider and done. Looks a little something like this:


This time with added heat effect to the silencer thanks to a culinary blowtorch

The next step was to get a hold of the light, PEQ and get it sprayed up. The light and PEQ came from Ebairsoft, at reasonable prices, and the paint job has been done by my fellow poster, Jomarre, and now she looks a little bit like this:


Pretty stoked with how this has turned out. Not a cheap build although it could have been far more expensive if I’d tried to go the PTW route like the original shown on The Reptile House blog, but so far its been worth every penny. Internally I’ve done nothing bar remove all the QD battery and bars inside the stock and hard wired to deans. It may get treated to a new barrel/hop rubber/nub combo in the future but otherwise the gearbox will be getting left as it is until something breaks.

~ Adam Smith (SMIFFY)
~ Adam Smith (SMIFFY)

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