“MARSOC It UP” with Flash Force Industrie’s M81 Gen3 Combat Set 2014 Ver.

I dont’ have to go into too much detail about who MARSOC are but to put it briefly, if a normal infantry unit were a tack hammer… these guys are the sledge! Their legendary status can easily be understood with readily available books like Level Zero Heroes or the short film ‘Infil_Exfil’ amongst other YouTube videos. The admiration they receive has caused a lot of Milsimmers wanting to replicate their definitive style which is good, but also can be bad given the ‘out of stock’ motif looms around every corner. With their uniform being a one-off unit specific design by Crye Precision, buying the real deal item can be near on impossible if you don’t want to spend up to $500 on a faded/damaged rarely new item. Trust me, I’ve looked. Two years later, I’ve finally had my prayers answered for the right item (in my size) to be readily available… and today that’s what we are going to talk about.

Flash Force Industries Crye Precision Replica M81 Combat Set


First things first! It’s a replica set and is no means gonna outshine the real deal. That said, as an airsofter this will probably get used four days a month, maybe less given what your specific needs are. But… for a replica, this is pretty damn impressive. I currently have a set of Crye Precision AC Customs in Muliticam, so in essence the real thing just different camo and what Flash Force Ind has done here is pretty ‘effing close in comparison. The cut, pocket placement and accessory detail is spitting image to what CP have as their trademark product.




With the additional CP Replica flex knee pads for an extra few £’s its pretty close to what you’d want for a realistic MARSOC impression. Personally using real deal CP knee pads actually work and fit better so if you can pick some up I’d highly recommend. The material seems really durable and after a few outings and washes seems to retain its colour quite well. The one thing that really stands out from a UK perspective is it actually fits! Yes, no s**t a chinese product produced and sold to UK sizing and with good accuracy. If you have a 32″ waist, buy a 32″ set as its exactly what you will get, no joke. The flex material around the knees, lower back and crotch area do the job perfectly for wicking away moisture and seem well constructed and sewn into place.


IMG_9685 IMG_9690The sleeves shirt sleeves are the right spec to mimic the CP version, with everything in the right place as expected. FFI have obviously put time into the attention to detail as the uniform speaks wonders of that very notion. With the addition of the unit specific patches as seen here, it really pulls off that impression look. Same with the trousers the fit is bang on. Compared to other brands like Allwin these seem to size out better and the cut is a lot more precise. I can’t really say enough about this product to convey what I’ve experienced, but if you are attempting your own MARSOC/USSF based loadout this is a very good place to begin.


You can purchase this item online from:


The shipping time is resonable and reviews can be found on YouTube:



So overall I’m not gonna mess around with rating this item, I’ve used and abused it and so far (luckily) there has been no issues whatsover. Would highly recommend and two of my team have already ordered matching sets.

10/10 I’d marry

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)




2 thoughts on ““MARSOC It UP” with Flash Force Industrie’s M81 Gen3 Combat Set 2014 Ver.

    1. Hi Nagy,

      Unfortunately JK Army seem be the only stockist of FFI. The postage rates are reasonable and fast even when using the standard postage option rather than express. (Mine arrived with 5 days paying for standard).

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