Christmas: A time for family, friends and new Pew


Christmas, the perfect time to refresh the armoury, grab some tactical nylon or use it to take a first step into the airsoft world. So here’s tips on where you might be able to snag yourself a Christmas bargain or win yourself some bonus swag.

Zero One Airsoft (

For the past few years, Zero One have run an advent calendar style offer, with each day having different offer. Offers range from free items when ordering certain brands to discounts on certain rifles, pistols or other tactical gear. Whilst some of the deals they offer are rather under whelming, there are some excellent finds to be had as well (after all, trying to put on 24 different offers that are awesome isn’t going to be easy).

Fire Support (

Daily raffles have been the order of the day for the past few years. To qualify you have to spend a certain amount on that day and you automatically qualify for that day’s (or week’s) raffle which could be anything from some tactical gear, some mags or complete AEGs and pistols. Some of the prizes are belting pieces of kit, and at the end of the raffle period they have typically entered everyone into one one big draw which features a stupidly awesome prize – previous prizes have included an AEG worth £1800, so if you get lucky and win, you’ll be having an excellent new year.

Redwolf Airsoft/ Redwolf Airsoft UK (

Redwolf (the HK based store) has often had a number of Christmas offers on the go, some of which have offered incredible discounts on various pieces of gear and guns. There may also be some offers and discounts appearing at their UK based store as well).

Airsoft World (

Airsoft World look to already have started some of their offers, although they aren’t that extensive but they do include some G&G M4s which you can’t really go wrong with.

Other places to keep an eye on:

Along with the places above, you might find some offers on Pro Airsoft Supplies (, Airsoft Zone ( and Land Warrior Airsoft (


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