‘Chestie Is Bestie’ Mayflower R&C Recce Chest Rig (HK417)

I was in the market for a real-steel brand chest rig for the upcoming Ai500 in March. Ideally I was after something small and compact but with the carrying capability to hold enough gear/ammo/mars bars for a solid days Airsofting and something on eBay caught my eye. Introducing the
Mayflower R&C Recce Chest Rig (HK417).

Courtesy of Mayflower R&C


Sourced from eBay for around £100 shipped (second-hand but never removed from the packaging) I think I snagged a good deal. Although this vest is designed for the HK417 and it’s rather large magazines, it also works with normal 5.56 style STANAG/PMAGs and can carry up to 6 (9 with a slight mod and more if utilizing the utility pouches). It has two built-in pistol magazine pouches, two large GP pouches provided with a full flap (removable) and a short flap and divider (removable). This allows an inter-team radio (PRC-152/PRC-148 and their airsoft replicas) to fit perfectly and securely. Padded H style harness makes for comfortable usage and with plenty of molle looping for cable relay and antennas if you use them like I do. Another small feature I noticed was the elastic loops on the underside of the rig to securely run cable from one side of the rig to the other. Could also be used to store possibly a long type bladed weapon if needs be or in my case a folded 1.2m whip antenna.

Courtesy of Mayflower R&C
Courtesy of Mayflower R&C
Courtesy of Mayflower R&C
Courtesy of Mayflower R&C

For Ai500, I need to carry at least 8 recoil magazines, my radio kit (replica PRC-152), hydration, 2X P226 30rd magazines and assorted pyro. Even with all this equipment and cumulative weight I still have storage for more items and their is no residual strain so far. I’ve used the rig now for a few months and so far haven’t witnessed any apparent downfall with its functionality.

I did, however, do a small adjustment to further improve the chest rig by adding small cuts of foam to the rear admin pouch. I only added this mod due to being on the rather skinny side and pushing the vest further to the front for accessibility. This was in no way added for comfort as the rig itself is spot on it that regard. Added with a replica PACA soft armour vest and a tactical tailor removable OPs pack (also reviewed in this blog) I have enough carry capability and protection for the high-octane OBUA milsim of Ai500. Would recommend for the fast paced ‘softer’ who wants a less restricting loadout. 10/10

Goes well with a multitude of loadouts
Goes well with a multitude of loadouts

The vest can be purchased in a variety of colours (including the kryptek range) direct from Mayflower themselves:


Or alternatively eBay and most high quality airsoft sites.

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)



5 thoughts on “‘Chestie Is Bestie’ Mayflower R&C Recce Chest Rig (HK417)

    1. It was a small individual seller. I can’t honestly remember the sellers name. I do know eHobby Asia sells them at around the same price as I bought mine. Let us know if you get stuck and I’ll try and source a seller for you buddy.

      1. Thank you very much.
        I found a reseller in Germany (sniper-as.de) that sells Mayflower R&C equipment and the price seems right 🙂 Going for it!

      2. The HK417 Recce Chest Rig arrived last thursday and I am extremely pleased.
        Easy to adjust and awesome quality, not to mention very light! (The actual weight comes from plenty of HK417 magazines 😉 )

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