‘Check, Check & Check Again…’ – Battle Prep for Ai500 At Anzio (Part 1)

We’ll start with the basics, your body:

With just over a month to go till The MAC’s next away trip, you’ll need to start looking at whether your squared away. We’ll go over the basic items that may come across as common sense and we’ll throw in a few items you may not realise you’ll even need!

OP Slipper

  • Eye Pro: This, by far, is and always will be your first point of call. Being blinded is s**t and no one wants that. You also need to consider the AO and how that fares on your choices. Anzio is a selection of buildings originally used as a OBUA training site so that means open spaces and dark/dimly lit buildings. also it means the minimum engagement distance will be shortened drastically, sometimes even to a few feet by accident. With both those points in mind you either need to have a selection of different shaded glasses/goggles (or a set with removable options) and eye pro that can take a serious pounding. Dont skimp on this, else you might end up never seeing your own kids again.
  • Uniform: Ai500 has specific camo rules to keep with the storyline. Make sure you check with the rule book that you’re in the right colour border lines with what is required and don’t go confusing the enemy and even your own team. As a suggestion, from previous experience, built-in knee pads and elbow pads are a real help. Crye Precision, OPS tactical and even repo makes offer this solution and the options are endless when you know where to look. regarding our last event, pocket space came in real handy and if you have multitudes of space to stash maps, pyro, ammo, snacks and other handy items your winning before you even start.
  • Head Protection: Hats, beanies and helmets are the general idea. Given Anzio’s terrain and building layout, a helmet wouldnt do you far wrong here. Personal preference makes me want to give one a miss but as a minimum I’ll be wearing a cap to help prevent those nasty BB hits to the suede. Make sure as much bare skin is covered as possible and whatever headgear you use fits and dosn’t cause discomfort.

IMG_2403 notch 2


  • Footwear: Nikes and Flip-Flops need not apply. You need decent ankle support and cheap shoes/trainers will not fill that gap. there’s literally hundreds off good brands out there so I wont teach you to suck eggs. Make sure they fit, theyre protective and possibly not luminescent as it could give the game away in the sneakier moments.
  • Gloves: I hate hits to the hand, so much so I’ve left games because of it. I blame this on my boney fingers. you want something with decent protection but not so much as you lose dexterity. Mechanix, Oakley, PIG and others are famed for this so have a look at their ranges first. Failing that I’ve had some luck with TMC gloves but they’re not the best in cold environments.


Another Google images special.






  • Others/MISC: A few extra items to consider would be things like decent socks. It’s to easy to fall foul of bad feet by using poor quality socks and even cheap foot powder. Something to protect your face from pesky head shots and bad weather would be advisable such as a snood or the classic shemagh. I would even go as far as maybe a gum shield or lower face mask if you want to keep those Brad Pitt esque looks and pearly whites, no one will mock you for being extra safe.

Stay tuned for our next post which will go more into the loadout including comms, hydration, PLCE etc…

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)

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