‘Add More Boom To Your Blaster’ – Iron Airsoft M320A1 Review

Sometimes the ability to pew pew pew your way around the airsoft field isn’t quite enough and your left somewhat lacking. Maybe you just want an accessory that really puts the scare into your opponent? Whatever your reasoning Iron airsoft had a solution to fit my needs.

HK_M320_JK_army_02The Iron airsoft M320A1 is a replica of the real steel version and essentially works very similar to an M203 airsoft grenade Launcher with a few major differences. I purchased mine form http://www.ebairsoft.com a few weeks back for £101.62 posted to my door and it came within 2 weeks. Normally I wouldn’t recommend buying from this seller as recently they have let a lot of buyers down with their customer service and shipping/stocking issues but this time I came up trumps. Tokyo Marui do have another version which uses proprietary shells and an internal gas system, if your wanting to use TAG rounds or your own previously bought M203 shells this is the variant for you.

iron_M320_hk_dx_01_19The first thing you’ll notice about this weapon system that makes it different to your average M203 is the fact it always comes with an optional ‘stand alone’ capability (which you can buy for the 203, but its pricey) at no extra cost. Whilst being deployable on its own with an extendable stock, removable flip-down fore grip and removable sights you do have the option to weapon mount the 320 via a RIS/RAS system. Originally designed for use with the HK416 the 320 can be added to most other RAS capable weapon systems like AK’s, M4’s and others and this reflects with the airsoft variant. Another item to not is that the trades on the weapon system are quite well done and accurate (if your into that sort of thing). The majority of rail systems I’ve tried to attach it to have been perfectly fine all except one. I can tell you straight off without any hesitation, this item will not fit onto a Madbull DD MK18 9.5 or 12.5 RIS II rail without heavy modification to the launchers rail attachment. See picture below.

11020451_10152859629432798_701964672_nThe launcher’s extendable stock, sights and grip are really sturdy and feel strong enough to take a mild bashing about and the launcher and tube itself is made from a strong metal composite and robust ABS plastic. Overall quality seems really reliable all the way down to the safety catch and tube release and so far I can foresee any issues with premature malfunction. besides the modifications I needed to make it adaptable to my weapon system its good to go straight from the box.

The 320 comes by itself sadly and doesn’t include any ‘shell’ or grenade cartridges so I’ve had to test a few to see if they are compatible. King Arms Plastic POM’s, 5KU-161 shells and MIC 110rds have been tested and work, I’m still in the process of going through different options and will update this post as I go along.

TM-4952839140319-3LUnlike an average M203 where you slide the tube forward to reload a new shell the 320 tube spits out to the side making it a lot less of a ballache to get a new round in quickly and uses less of your reaction side work space. The tube release is located above the trigger-mech inside the trigger guard to make for quick trigger to release capability in a tight spot. Behind the trigger is the ambidextrous safety catch with clear white S symbol and red F symbol (hopefully I don’t have to explain the meaning) and has a solid click feeling when cycling through from fire to safe and back.

The whole weapon system itself is really lightweight, weighing in at 1250 grams and considering the size of the 320 its a nice compact solution to the lack of gusto on your weapon system. My only issue with this accessory is the non-ability to adapt to Madbull rails but seeing as that’s a more ‘ME’ defined issue I’ll let it slide. Would recommend for the HK416 owners out there who can’t do too much external upgrades due to their rail system options being somewhat lacking.

Dave from Maple Leaf Tactical does a more in depth look into the launcher and it can be found here on YouTube:

Can be purchased at ebairsoft and other good retailers. The Gen 2 by S&T comes out soon, maybe be easier to find than the original version posted here.

Overall, 8/10 would recommend.

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)



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