’10 Questions With An Airsofter’ – Local, UK & Industry Figures

Continuing our interview section for the next few weeks, we’ve asked a very well-known local figure on the Manx Airsoft scene to step up and spill his guts, which by the way, he did very well! Double Tap’s main honcho Dan ‘Dil’ Dooley lets us know his history.


Name: Dan Dooley
Callsign: Dil
Team/Site/Club/Business: Double Tap Airsoft Club/Committee Chairman

Pew Pew – How long have you been playing Airsoft?
Dil – I started playing airsoft at Manx airsoft club in August 2010

Pew Pew -Where did you find out about Airsoft?
Dil – I was looking for a hobby to do at the weekends and came across some videos of airsoft and liked the look of it. I then had a look for clubs in the isle of man and found Manx airsoft club.

Pew Pew -What is the reason you have continued with the sport for the time that you have?
Dil – I have continued to play airsoft for the last 4.5 years because I can switch of from reality for a few hours a week, I enjoy the team work and also getting out in the good old Manx weather and having a laugh with friends.

Pew Pew – What benefits/traits/perks have you gained from the sport? Has it directly affected your life in any way?
Dil – I have gained many benefits/traits/perks from airsoft such as making loads of new friends from different walks of life, more self-confidence and getting to spend good quality time with my son, dad and little brother plus I get to shoot them. Another benefit I have is getting to see the young players develop their skills, we have seen many young players come to the club very quiet and not very confident and a few months later they are completely different people.

Pew Pew – Things that put you off about the sport?
Dil – Some of the things that put me off about airsoft are 1) the way some people take it so serious to the point where you think are they actually enjoying the sport anymore. I’ve seen arguments, people nearly fighting etc over it but it shouldn’t be that serious 2) people not taking their hits, it doesn’t happen a lot but the odd time it does it can be annoying.


Pew Pew – Your top 3 Airsoft RIF brands and why?
Dil – , My top 3 RIF brands are G&G TM and ICS. What I really like about them is that when you buy them you know that you have bought really good quality stuff. I’ve had other brands in the past but I don’t think you can beat those three

Pew Pew – Your top 3 Tactical Gear brands and why?
Dil – I couldn’t tell you my top 3 tactical brands, all my stuff is British army surplus, all 2nd hand and it’s what I find best suits me. I don’t see the point in spending a fortune on some of the tactical stuff out there. A lot of it makes absolutely no difference to your playing skills, you can go out and pay hundreds on your stuff to play in but no matter what, you know that someone in the cheapest gear available can take you out of the game within minutes.

Pew Pew – Where do you want the sport to take you in the next 5 years? Do you have any Airsoft related ambitions?
Dil – In the next 5 years I would like airsoft to bring me to more sites throughout the uk and Ireland. I have developed great relationships with players and sites across the UK and Ireland particularly Phil Mitchell from Newry assassins. I would love to attend events like ai500 in the next 5 years and maybe some events throughout Europe. Hopefully we will see an actual isle of man airsoft team which would be great to show off the talents of the airsoft community on the isle of man.

Pew Pew – Whats the one piece of advice you would give to a new player?
Dil – One piece of advice I always give to new players at double tap is always, no matter what, take your hits. If you don’t take your hits you will learn nothing and will not develop as a player.

Pew Pew – Favourite airsoft related object you own or wish to own….no matter how stupid?
Dil – My favourite airsoft related item is a skull that was given to me by Foley’s Combat Academy in Northern Ireland. We went away to play against them and they got a polystyrene skull and put two holes in the side with red led’s in the eyes as a copy of our club logo.

Awesome answers from DTAC’s main man, looking forward to the Island’s Airsoft future is good thing to hear. Make sure you check out their Facebook page and see what the guys are up to through the summer.


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