‘War & Peace’ After Action Review of Airsoft International’s Ai500 Event @ Anzio

So another Ai500 event down, another review to write: This time with some rather unexpected results. I’ve kept it short and sweet, mostly the view of The Separatists gameplay so you don’t get too buried in details. Enjoy:

The MAC Away Team

This years first Ai500 event, held at Anzio camp near Leek, was always set to be an interesting one. Not only were the usual two warring green and tan sides hell bent for battle once again, but the game organisers decided to spice up the mix in a rather unusual way. Accompanying the government forces (Tan) and Norseman Faction (green) onto the battlefield were two smaller groups selected from both of the main teams, these separatist groups called ‘Peace Teams’ were to be interjected into the fray with one goal in mind… To cause absolute chaos!

Smiffy on watch

Re-wind back to a few months before the event and a request that three/four of the ‘Mac Away Team’ be part of this so-called collaboration of sorts. Met at first with a mixture of interest and uncertainty the decision was made that myself (Jomarre), Adam (Smiffy) and Dave (Whitey) would join with Task force CBA and some others on the Govt’ Peace Team to create the Peace Team (or as we preferred to call it, The Rebel Farmer Separatists). The Green side of this combined force was to be headed up by our Green king of the North Sean Waller, but due to issues outside of the sport h couldn’t attend. Thus leading to a new ‘Green side’ peace leader be installed in his place. Having taken on a fake character for the means of pre-game propaganda under the name ‘Tru Norseman’ sadly this position was to be filled by myself, being the King’s theoretical right hand and voice it was only fitting in the story line that the job fell to me. Basically, shooting myself in my own foot without realising it.

Smiffy, Stickman & Whitey

Sadly this meant that for the beginning of the event we had our own team, The MAC Away Team, fighting against us in the inital contacts. Given the points layout, our near impossible objectives and the huge ratio of enemies to combat …our first thoughts were not so upbeat. We decided early on to concentrate not on gaining points but to rather hinder the enemy’s ability to make any themselves (basically be a real thorn in everyone’s side) and to be perfectly honest, we did that to perfection.

Ninja & PissFlaps in action

One of our main objectives was to set up a recruitment center in a captured building and recruit new members to our cause. Which being easier said than done, but after the days play went on we found more and more players seemed to wander over to our side. With the aid of recruitment posters we put up around the site and some early on High Value Target capturing (thanks to Smiffy) the points unexpectedly started to build on our side. Shortly after, Myself being a HVT was captured by a green team member but luckily managed to escape and not hand over 100 points to the Green Team (note to Greens: Don’t leave hand grenades next to a terrorist style HVT). Before the end of the day a member of Task Force CBA pulled a ‘one off’ rabbit out of the hat. By means of being uber-sneaky he had managed to bag the Tan Team Commander, which the same as me, was a high point gainer and really topped up the ever-increasing pot. After some ‘hard negotiations with the Tan commander, an offer of mutual peace and coalition was reached between The Separatists/Rebel Farmers and the Tan Team. We don’t shoot at you, you don’t shoot at us kind of deal and as they day drew to an end, alliances were made and scores were totalled.

Capturing a Green Team HVT

At the end of the first day: Control of two buildings, all our days objectives and with two HVT’s in the bag we left the field not even contemplating a possible victory. Much to our surprise, we outstretched the Green’s points of 450, the Tan’s points of 400 with a cumulative score of 1’450.

Capturing the main Tan Team HVT

Day two of conflict, and even with the previous day’s recruitment of members we found ourselves early on battling to hold our initial start point. Driven by they’re charismatic commander the Norseman battled hard to keep the Separatists put and for a good while, we held fast. Fearing our start point was to be overrun, a call was put in to our new alliance for an element of Tans to help us break out of our crossfire laden hell hole of a building. With the back-up we desired a mixed punch-element was established and we broke free through the constant barrage of incoming rounds.

With Tans assaulting (and eventually taking) a building raining heavy fire onto our position, the Separatists took the next building over gaining more and more ground on the Norseman stronghold. With the Tans set to push forward and the Separatist horde gaining more recruits, a final push was being prepared to take the last Green Team position. Sadly, due to a combination of slippery wet surfaces a grenade dodging a ‘no-duff’ casualty situation occurred.

Preacher & Piss Flaps holding The Bunker

With lunch about to hit and a forced stop in progress, the Marshals agreed that due to the conditions it would be unfair to risk another injury and the game was halted there. The casualty was minor and I’ve been informed he’s making a full recovery as we speak.

With the culmination of the event the scores were now totalled up. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the actual digit scores weren’t released but basically a well done to The Peace Team, you smashed the scores. Not something we even expected to happen, but very happy it did. A combination of drive, enthusiasm and pure ballsy actions from my team led us to an outright victory and put the Manx airsoft club on the winning side once again. Without Task force CBA, The Tan Element and others in the KPS…this may have been a different story. You made your King proud fellas, he told me so!


All said and done, another excellent event hosted by the guys at Airsoft International and ran by Stephen ‘Frenchie’ Pringle. Keep an eye out for their next issue which should have the event in much more detail.

We hope to attend again soon for some seriously good gameplay and well ran events.

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)





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