’10 Questions With An Airsofter’ – Local, UK & Industry Figures

If you have ever frequented the ‘MAC’ in recent years you’ll probably have met this character. Loud, Welsh (apparently) and comes out with some one-liners that would make Frankie Boyle cringe. I’ve persoanlly been waiting for this one as I assumed it would make me laugh, but as it turns out one of my favourite gingers has a sensible and quite interesting point of view. Lads, I present to you David ‘Whitey’ Whiting.


Name: David Whiting
Callsign: Whitey
Team/Site/Club/Business: The MAC and more recently Section 8 in Scotland

Pew Pew – How long have you been playing Airsoft?:
Whitey – Going on pictures found on my Facebook page at least since 2008!

Pew Pew -Where did you find out about Airsoft?:
Whitey – A guy at school used to play and I went along with him

Pew Pew -What is the reason you have continued with the sport for the time that you have?
Whitey – For the enjoyment and banter with the guys. It’s also good fun to get out and about and expend some energy!

Pew Pew – What benefits/traits/perks have you gained from the sport? Has it directly affected your life in any way?
Whitey – It has helped me make some great, if slightly outrageous friends both on Island and in the UK

Pew Pew – Things that put you off about the sport?
Whitey – Not many things really, although being shot in the face when my entire body is in view occasionally gets me a tad angry. A lot of people say players who don’t take their hits. At the end of the day if they’re deliberately not taking them it’s best to move on to people who enjoy the game for what it is, a game of honesty.

Courtesy of Amanda Pringle


Pew Pew – Your top 3 Airsoft RIF brands and why?
Whitey – TM because the Recoil line makes me unbelievably happy. G&G for pickup and go weapons, they’re good on the wallet and just keep going. ICS/CA have both given me solid weapons that again just keep going.

Pew Pew – Your top 3 Tactical Gear brands and why?
Whitey – Haley Strategic – my D3CR is lightweight and carries all the kit I need. It is also unbelievably robust as a proper real world piece of kit should be. Elite Tactical provided me with some Crye replica trousers recently for AI and they were top-notch. My Revision Military glasses have taken numerous hits over the years and are still going strong. I originally got them in my goodie bag at the very first AI 500!!

Pew Pew – Where do you want the sport to take you in the next 5 years? Do you have any Airsoft related ambitions?
Whitey – Following the theme of previous interviewees my main aim is to keep playing for as long as I can/ I’m allowed to!

Pew Pew – Whats the one piece of advice you would give to a new player?
Whitey – Enjoy yourself, run about like a loon and be honest!

Pew Pew – Favourite airsoft related object you own or wish to own….no matter how stupid?
Whitey – I’d really like something a bit more stand-offish like a DMR or a sniper style rifle. If it’s an AEG DMR then it very well might have to make a visit to Sam Liggat at Kingdom of Airsoft, man knows his way around an airsoft weapon!

Whitey, thanks bro…and you barely said anything offensive! Hoping to see you back with us real soon and try not to give those Scots up north too much of a fingering, metaphorically speaking!


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