’10 Questions With An Airsofter’ – Local, UK & Industry Figures

We’ve had a few key figures from the Ai500 Norseman Saga in the last few interviews, being the avid Green Team lovers that we all are they were all of that clan. Why not mix up the situation and give ‘The Old Enemy’ a pen and paper? All jokes aside, this man probably needs no introduction, he’s more than likely pelted you with .2’s in the last few events: Ai500 Tan Team Commander, El Hongo.


Name: El Hongo
Callsign: S23
Team/Site/Club/Business: DOE ODA

Pew Pew – How long have you been playing Airsoft?
El – I’ve been playing Plastic Deth (Airsoft) for just over seven years, after finally taking the plunge after reading an excellent SEALs Loadout (Wannabe) feature in Airsoft International. I used to get dragged along to the War and Peace show with my father, a huge militaria fan and former Royal Marine. I used to find it odd that all this collected gear invariably had no use or ‘vehicle’ to showcase it all until I bumped into someone who’s become a good friend was reenacting at the show, he explained it all and further informed that they regularly skirmished with all this kit …

Pew Pew – Where did you find out about Airsoft?
El – In part through a friend who collected a wide range of springers, and additionally through a copy of Airsoft International I picked up whilst shopping …

Pew Pew -What is the reason you have continued with the sport for the time that you have?
El – It keeps me fit, I enjoy the social aspect of it a lot, I’m part of a great team who pretty much share the same mindset and philosophy I have towards the game. It’s allowed me to travel the UK and meet like-minded individuals, play some amazing sites and do and see things others invariably only experience via a video game. Plastic Deth is far more immersive, and either way, for me is still as enjoyable and exhilarating as it was the first time I played.

Pew Pew – What benefits/traits/perks have you gained from the sport? Has it directly affected your life in any way?
El – Well, I’ve been privileged to play some amazing sites, and when it’s all running full tilt, I’ve had to pinch myself as it’s amazing to be having this much fun at the locations we’ve played at, it’s surreal at times … I’ve been fortunate to run the Government Forces for the Ai500 for the last three events. I see that as a privilege and on each occasion it has been a great event showcasing some of the very best UK Airsoft has to offer. I’ve also been able to turn my hand to writing, both published and my own blog, which thus far has been warmly received.

Pew Pew – Things that put you off about the sport?
El – Only real thing that breaks my heart is perhaps lack of integrity or dishonesty towards ‘hit-taking’ that and standoffish behavior towards new players or perhaps even strangers. I personally take the time out to offer advice or talk to people, it doesn’t hurt to be approachable or friendly, right ?


Pew Pew – Your top 3 Airsoft RIF brands and why?
El – Systema, Marui and WE – I use a Systema PTW M4A1, and both Marui and WE Glocks, I’m a big fan of Marui in general and I’m still tempted to return to their EBBR range …

Pew Pew – Your top 3 Tactical Gear brands and why?
El – I’m a big fan of Cryes innovation, Eagle Industries have always never been too far from my kit bag. Blue Force Gear also have impressed me with high end product but at exceptionally good value that’s readily available.

Pew Pew – Where do you want the sport to take you in the next 5 years? Do you have any Airsoft related ambitions?
El – I’d really like to find the time to continue to explore the UK, meet a lot of the like-minded friends I’ve made through the blog, and whilst I’m happy to skirmish, I’d really like to put more of presence in at some of larger MilSim events …

Pew Pew – Whats the one piece of advice you would give to a new player?
El – Start simple, get a good primary, leave it stock, don’t worry about torches and scopes etc and just have fun with it to begin with. Oh, and take your hits …

Pew Pew – Favourite airsoft related object you own or wish to own….no matter how stupid?
El – I’m still hankering after a decent set of Gen 3 NVG’s, who knows … if not, I have plans to put together a War Sports LVOA in foliage green

Opposition in-game or not, it’s clear to see El has the same mindset and passion for the sport the determined majority of us have. On the field we may sling ‘Plastic-Deth’ at each other all day (love that term) but off the field, just remember like El, myself, and you, we are just normal guys with a passion for our sport who love to chat. Thanks El for your great input, look forward to seeing you again in the near future.


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