’10 Questions With An Airsofter’ – Local, UK & Industry Figures

He’s big, he’s hairy and as friendly as the Jolly Green Giant himself. Since starting at ‘The MAC’ Graham has always been available to help with any advice I needed and is a constant source of new ideas and fun being pumped into our club. Now sitting on the committee with him, I still don’t know everything about his Airsoft roots, so lets hand him the scribe and delve deeper into our chairman’s thoughts. We give you, Graham Stephenson:



Name: Graham Stephenson
Callsign: MadDog
Team/Site/Club/Business: Manx Airsoft Club

Pew Pew – How long have you been playing Airsoft?
Graham – 16 years (really, no joke – Editor)

Pew Pew -Where did you find out about Airsoft?
Graham – Started off when I were a lad, and a few of us had spring BB pistols, shooting each other around our mates garden. After a while I found out there was a club on the island that played down south. Never thought at that point that I would end up becoming chairman of that club.

Pew Pew -What is the reason you have continued with the sport for the time that you have?
Graham – For me, it’s the combinations of getting some exercise, having a laugh with my mates, and messing around trying to make bizarre weapons.

Pew Pew – What benefits/traits/perks have you gained from the sport? Has it directly affected your life in any way?
Graham – The good ones, it’s kept me fit, given me confidence to talk in front of a crowd. The bad ones, every time i’m sat in a room I start looking for egress points and good cover.

Pew Pew – Things that put you off about the sport?
Graham – Bickering, but you get that in every walk of life.


Pew Pew – Your top 3 Airsoft RIF brands and why?
· KSC, because they made my MK23
· A&K, not the most mechanically fantastic, but you get a lot of gun for your money.
· Sun Project / Daytona. They make lots of noisy guns.

Pew Pew – Your top 3 Tactical Gear brands and why?
· Arktis, they make some really good quality vests, not the cheapest but they last a long time
· Bulle: My Interceptor vest is made by Bulle, seams a good sturdy vest and not too bad on price.
· B&Q: No I’m not taking the piss, a lot of my gear is home made from odds and sods from B&Q and E-bay, like my shotgun scabbard made from some drain pipe.

Pew Pew – Where do you want the sport to take you in the next 5 years? Do you have any Airsoft related ambitions?
Graham – Ambitions, Bigger guns! And a tank! But for the airsoft on the Isle of man I just want to see more people involved enjoying the sport, ideally hosting an international event.

Pew Pew – What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a new player?
Graham – Don’t rush into buying your gear straight away. Get yourself some eye protection, some good boots, then hire a few different guns and see what suits your style of play. But above all, talk to others in the clubs you will get a variety of answers but they will tell you which guns to avoid.

Pew Pew – Favourite airsoft related object you own or wish to own….no matter how stupid?
Graham – Own, probably my MK23, although it can be a love hate relationship at times. Want to own, a BTR amphibious wheel tank!

If you are frequenting The ‘MAC’ anytime soon and have anything ‘monstrous’ in mind to build, pop Graham a shout. Pretty sure he’s already done it or theres ideas in the pipeline. Also, if you just want a chat I’m sure he’ll oblige. Thanks for your time brother.


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