‘Reader’s Blaster’ – Jordan Shows Off His Tokyo Marui Recoil MK18 MOD1

We always like, scratch that… heavily approve of our readers sending in their custom pieces of work. Be it guns, gear or even beards (joke). It’s a million times better when it’s as beautiful as this piece your about to see. It’s TM, it’s Marine Raider approved….it’s one beautiful piece of kit. So lets hand it over to Jordan to explain what made him throw hours into his “go to gat”.


Where do I start. The Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock platform has had a massive impact on the airsoft industry in the past three or so years. It all started back in 2013, when I stumbled upon a friend of mine, Ben Webb(Editor of Airsoft International), who had a Recoil Shock MK18 MOD1 platform he had custom build from a TM recoil SOPMOD. At First glance I knew I needed to jump on the bandwagon and get one of these toys. However they don’t all start in the platforms we desire as “gear whores” and impressionists. This is where some custom work was needed and a project was soon in the pipeline.

In February 2014 I decided to buy the next-gen Tokyo Marui SOCOM, the front wired and fairly newly introduced platform to the recoilshock range. After owning it for a week I decided to do a trade with Ben Webb for a TM 870 in need of TLC, for him to build me a sopmod block 2 platform. So he did, and I fell in love. Once it was built, I found I was playing a lot of CQB, thus found it just on the slightly larger size for my liking… time for a change.
I’ve always had a decent amount of knowledge on weapon systems and knew I needed a MK18  MOD1, the little brother to the SOPMOD Block2 platform. The two platforms are identically the same in the BlOCK programme however the MOD1 sports a 9.5″ Daniel defense RIS and 10.3″ barrel instead of the 12.5″ front end and 14.5″ barrel. I sourced a Madbull FDE/bronze mk18 ris in the 9.5″ size from a forum on Facebook, known as MK18 and M4A1 SOPMOD Owners Group (Airsoft). This page is really helpful for those who need a better understanding for the block programme builds and is also run by fellow airsoft enthusiasts. So after all this I gave my pride and Joy to another friend of mine James. He kindly machined down a CQBR barrel to 10.3″ and tightbore inner barrel then fitted all the hardware, it was this moment I knew this was the weapon platform for me and has remained my go to ‘gat’ for nearly two years now. Parts and accessories have changed over time, currently running a mixture of Magpul parts to Hogue and KAC. All these brands make up for a beautiful prized shooter.
Internal parts list up to date in my TM Recoil MK18 MOD1:
• SHS Tightbore 6.03mm
• SHS High speed motor
• Wiring upgrade W/ Mini deans
 And soon to have my NextGen BTC Spectre installed along with a gear set and other new shiny bits!
 Why did I want a MK18 MOD1? The anser is simple really.  MARSOC, also known as marine raiders, use this as their go to weapon system along with the block 2 and then MK17. I’m currently running a MARSOC inspired kit so the weapon system in use had to match and be 100% accurate, hence the self terminology – “GearWhore”.
To achieve an accurate build, you’ll need to do it right. Heres a  parts list of items needed for a MK18 MOD1 or Block2 build:
– A M$ platform of sort (KAC traded if possible)
– The rail system, Madbull make both options.
– A 10.3″ barrel if you’re building a MK18 MOD1 and a 14.4 for the Block2
– KAC real/repro birdcage W/notch flash hider
– Optics – Eotech 553, 552, xps series, Short dots, Elcan Spectre Dr’s , Aimpoints.
– Grips – Tango downs, Magpul, KAC (your preference)
– Stocks – LMT SOPMOD stock, Magpul, Colt, VLTOR (again your preference).
– Lights/lasers – PEQ15’s, Surefire, INSIGHT TECH.
IMG_7986All these attachements will build you known as a ‘Kosher’ build however not everyone is into these builds. ‘civi’  or civilian type builds can be just a mk18/ Block platform with anything user preference.
~ Jordan Edge (ICE GEM)
~ Jordan Edge (ICE GEM)
Big big big thankyou to Jordan for letting us post up his beast of a blaster. Much respect to you dude for your time and effort into this build, and letting us at Pew Pew show it off to our readers.

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