Angry Gun Wire Cutter (Warsport LVOA) – Review

Interest in this type of rail system in the airsoft scene came about thanks to a certain bearded fire arms instructor that also made Salient Arms slides the cool guy gear to fit onto pistols.

Costa LVOA

Usually I’d prefer to buy licensed or genuine gear where I can as I feel it’s the right thing to do rather than buying clones, however Warsport announced that they gave the licensing to Krytac, the airsoft wing of KRISS Firearms, and I haven’t seen any details on them releasing a stand alone rail, so the only way to get a ‘legit’ rail would be to buy a full rifle (that isn’t available at the time of this post) and tear it down and hope the threading is the same. And that doesn’t sound like a great way to spend my money (and patience), so I have plumped for the Angry Gun (AG) Wire Cutter 16.3inch rail to satisfy my wants (also available in 13.5 inch).


The rail comes plainly packaged, with a minimal amount of padding around it. Included in the package you get the rail, the barrel nut, three RIS panels (2x short and 2x long) with bolts, and something I wasn’t expecting, AG provide you with all three Allen keys needed to fit the rail/RIS panels, which is a nice touch.

Assuming you’ve got your old barrel nut off, this rail is a breeze to fit. The barrel nut fits a TM Recoil without any need for shims to lock the barrel down, and if you happened to have mislaid your AR wrench (or don’t have one) to tighten the barrel, you can take one of the provide Allen keys, pop it into one of the holes in the barrel nut and gently tap with a hammer and it’ll tighten up nicely.

Quick tip: If you are going to use a different flash hider, fit this before the rail. Doing it with the rail on is slightly awkward, even more so if your flash hider is secured by a grub screw.

To fit the rail to the nut, there is an Allen grub screw in between the two bolts at the rear of the rail. Pop the rail on, reinsert the grub screw fully. This will stop the rail sliding off, but won’t stop any rotation or slight forward movement, tighten up the two bolts at the rear (making sure you’ve centred the rail), and it’s not going anywhere.

You can then pick and choose where you wants your rail sections, if at all, and I’ve gone with the two short pieces up front on the sides and left the long piece off.


Having used this rail for a number of months, the build quality has held up very well. There has been very little in the way of marks or scratches appearing on the finish. The very bottom lip of the front has been chipped slightly from a few rough impacts with walls, but otherwise its held up nicely. One minor issue that I have had is that the head on one of the bolts on one of the rails has started to stripped, which isn’t a great, but I don’t intend to take that rail section off so for the time being I’m not hugely bothered.

Something I did notice whilst running this during winter was that the rail itself got very cold, which sapped a lot of heat from my hands whilst playing. Fortunately Jomarre happened to have a roll of Multicam Arid tape in his kit bag, which I was able to grab a metre or two of and wrapped around the rail. It had the effect of chill out of gripping the rail for extended periods of time and also helped to match the rail to the paint job on the receiver nicely.


For £70, plus postage, I have been very impressed by this rail. It fitted without modifications, has held steady since that time and has taken a fair amount of abuse with only minor damage, which is only noticeable if you’re looking head on at the rifle (which I hope to never be doing in game). The slightly stripped screw head is annoying but would be something easily replaceable from any DIY store. The only other rail systems I’ve had have both been Madbull, a Daniel Defence 12.5 RISII and a Troy TRX Extreme BattleRail, and the RISII I have had some serious issues with the rail size not being correct and accessories not fitting properly, however I have no had the same issues here, so on that point AG has out done the ‘legit’ producer.

Given the price and performance, I’m happy to give this 8/10, if you’re looking to build a LVOA based rifle, definitely go with AG.

~ Adam Smith (SMIFFY)
~ Adam Smith (SMIFFY)

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