Fobus EM17 LS Paddle Holster & Nuprol P226 Series Double Magazine Pouch System – Review

A brief look at a holstering duo for my WE P226. We also have a WE P226 review in the blog archives if you’d like to know more about that pistol itself.

Me and Smiffy talk a lot about Airsoft related products, I mean A LOT! It dominates 95% of our day-to-day conversation and it’s a subject we like to experiment with. I’ve had a Soccom Gear M9A1SF for the last three years and felt it was time for a change as the poor thing was on it’s last legs, thus ending with me buying the new(ish) WE F226 (P226). What does that mean? That means I’ll need a new set of holsters to go with it….

Being a ‘real steel’ marketed holster the description from the manufacture as follows: “The EM17 LS Paddle Holster Model has reliable retention provided by leather thumb break and muzzle stud. This Tactical Holster accommodates accessories mounted on frame rails or trigger guards. The EM17 Paddle Holster Model provides an unanticipated level of comfort with a lightweight body. This holster has a rubberized paddle that provides extra stability and increased comfort. This holster is considered maintenance free and requires no oil. If the Tactical Paddle Holster requires a little sprucing, just wash it with soap and water. That’s it.” – Well, that’s what the professionals say.

What we are going to go through today is the ability of this holster in conjunction with airsoft replica pistols, specifically my WE F226 (P226). I could essentially have chosen any of the Fobus range, sadly having a light attachment my decision was limited to the EM17 in paddle configuration. The design allows for the attachment of lights/lasers/dildos etc to the rail interface at the fore end of your pistol, without interference from the holster itself. 


First off I tested the fit of the pistol to holster and my WE clips in perfectly with no rattle of after movement, the leather thumb-break fits adequately across to keep the sidearm nice and tight. Considering this is a ‘real steel’ item made for military and LE it’s a happy coincidence that there’s no size modification needed. Currently I also have a TM P226 in my office so out of curiosity I tested this one next and it doesn’t retain whatsoever. If you own a TM P226 this holster is not for you. 


The fit is all well and good, now for the downside. The leather thumb-break will disconnect quite easily if knocked with a bit of force, thus letting the pistol escape from it’s retension in the holster. To combat this I’ve had to add a pistol lanyard which sometimes can be a double-edged sword. As an Airsofter, loosing your sidearm can be a horrible occurrence and I can only imagine the world of hurt you would be in if your LE or Armed Forces. In future I will be converting to a custom kydex holster mainly due to this issue.

You can buy this holster in the UK from Tactical-Kit for around £25.

Overall, 6/10. It has it’s perks but it could be a lot better given its manufacturers other offerings.

The Nuprol P226 magazine holder is a different story.


The holster comes with a paddle attachment which fits over the belt quite easily, added in with a slip stopper it sits quite firmly in place. The composite seems fairly robust, I bounced it off the floor a few times and didn’t mark up. Two main features stand out on this holster for good reasons. 


Not only can you adjust the retention of the grip on your magazines, but you can adjust the angle of how it sits. With the aid of a few allen keys you can customise your draw to your own personal specifications.


I really like the simplicity of this holster and what you get for your money. I bought this from the same guys who supplied my pistol for £14.99 at  Milspec Solutions. If your in the market for a gas blowback pistol I strongly suggest you hit these guys up. Great customer service and competitive prices, I wouldn’t buy from elsewhere and never have.


Overall, 9.5/10. Money well spent and no hassle.


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