’10 Questions With An Airsofter’ – Local, UK & Industry Figures – Blog Writer edition

The part I was dreading. Having to  interview myself feels rather odd so I won’t dribble on too much, hopefully it’ll get easier question by question. Introducing the skinny bodied, scraggly bearded, semi-geardo, budget dodging…. erm….  Me.


Name: Jomarre Tomlinson
Callsign: Stickman/Tru Norseman
Team/Site/Club/Business: committee Member Manx Airsoft Club/Manx Pew Pew Contributor

Pew Pew – How long have you been playing Airsoft?
Jomarre – I started playing Airsoft about a year after leaving the British Army, so it would be 5 years this February just gone.

Pew Pew -Where did you find out about Airsoft?
Jomarre – A few guys I used to hang round with liked to get together at the weekend and play in fields with springer pistols. Nothing serious, just a way to pass the time and work off the hangover. After that I found out about the MAC and went up, alone, and gave it a whirl. Hooked from that day forward.

Pew Pew -What is the reason you have continued with the sport for the time that you have?
Jomarre – Ever since I was about 5 and watched a film called ‘Too Late The Hero’ I’ve wanted to be in the Military. I dedicated my whole adulescent life to joining and eventually did when I was 16. When I left, wanting to experience Civvi life, I felt something was lacking. Airsoft has simply filled that gap and gives me something to aspire towards in my free time. As the years have gone on my interest has only got more intense, and I wouldn’t swap the sport for anything else. Spending time with like-minded guys, getting out in the wild and doing something beneficial for my body and mind is too important for me to give up.

Pew Pew – What benefits/traits/perks have you gained from the sport? Has it directly affected your life in any way?
Jomarre – The guys I’ve met at The MAC, that’s number one! It’s an absolute pleasure to work amongst and play alongside this bunch it’s hard to describe. The fact they valued my opinion enough to give me chair in the committee and allow me to make changes to our club is so rewarding and I can’t’ thank them enough. Direction: Airsoft gives me something to look forward to, to not get bogged down in the mainstream 9-5 way of life. It’s a release from normality and allows my creativity to shine. Also, it has guns (relatively speaking) so that’s always a winner. Better fitness, interesting away trips and good banter all factor in as well.

Pew Pew – Things that put you off about the sport?
Jomarre – Hit taking is actually not my main issue, it’s their loss and they’ll lose the training it gives. The elitism part really angers me. We all had to start somewhere, why not spread knowledge instead of belittling the little guy. American Airsoft Groups really piss me off to the point I want to smash my phone off a wall, idiots see this brilliant and resourceful forum type idea and use it to undermine others and it makes me sick. People like that are cancer to the sport, and I’m not ashamed to say that.


Pew Pew – Your top 3 Airsoft RIF brands and why?
Jomarre – Tokyo Marui Next Gen Recoil. Shots straight, shoots far and clacks like hell. Easy externals to modify, great realism and excellent build quality. G&G will always hold a place in my heart, their TopTech and Pro Line RIF’s really give you bang for your buck. Even the Combat Machine range is good quality for price. WE have impressed me a fair few times. Having owned two pistols and a SCAR H that all seemed to work flawlessly until we parted ways.

Pew Pew – Your top 3 Tactical Gear brands and why?
TMC, if you cant afford the real thing then these guys always have your back. They make so many cheap good quality repro items it’s hard not to give them a mention. Crye Precision literally are the kings of Tactical gear (if you can afford it). All the Crye kit I own is brilliantly made and just shows why it’s the operators choice. Merrel boots, specifically the MOAB range. I did thirty plus miles in one go in these and can’t fault them whatsoever, my socks however were a different story.

Pew Pew – Where do you want the sport to take you in the next 5 years? Do you have any Airsoft related ambitions?
Jomarre – I want my club to be seen by everyone in the UK the way I see it. It’s non-profit, we do it for the love of the sport and I think that’s reflected in our gameplay in the UK. Taking the club to any next step that benefits us is my main goal. Personally, I’d just like to be known in the next 5 years as a good, approachable player who always did his best to help others in the game, couldn’t really ask for much more. I would like to play in another country, I’m sure Smiffy will talk me into ‘budgeting’ for it soon enough.

Pew Pew – Whats the one piece of advice you would give to a new player?
Jomarre – Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you can’t get a straight answer then ask me and I’ll bend over backwards to help you. Hit-taking is part of the sport, use it as training not as a defeat on the field. Take care of your kit, it’ll look after you. That’s three but yeah….

Pew Pew – Favourite airsoft related object you own or wish to own….no matter how stupid?
Jomarre – It doesn’t exist, but if it did I would own it. I want a Tokyo Marui Next Gen Recoil MK46 with a Spectre DR, Element Peq-15 and about three box mags…. Failing that I’ll take an Echo1 M240B any day of the week.

Sadly, that’s all the interviews we’ll be doing until the near future. I hope these installments have given you an insight into why we do ‘what we do.’ Thanks to everyone who partook and keep posted for more Airsoft news on the Isle of Man.


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