G&G Combat Machine CM16 R8-L DST – Entry Level M4 – Any good/Worth the money?

Last summer for the MAC away trip to AI500 I needed a backup for my LR300 and thinking having 2 similar platforms I would only need 1 set of mags, sights etc etc. I didn’t want to spend a fortune (mainly because I didn’t have one!!) and I wanted something that had reasonable value for money. I did the usual trips through reviews sites and youtube reviews and basically was totally confused by the varieties available in the end I broke it down to a couple of simple things, how much did I want to spend and what did I think looked cool.

So I went for

G&G Combat Machine CM16 R8-L DST in Tan (although it does come in black).

G&G Combat Machine CM16 R8-L DST

£153.99 LandWarrior

Power: 330 FPS Gearbox: Version 2 with 8mm bearings Full Metal Length: 850mm Weight: 2.5 Kilos Battery: Mini Crane Stock Type (not included) Magazine: M4 type – 450 round high cap issued Includes 30mm AP red dot sight

I thought this was a decent deal as you got the hicap and sight included. Although I still don’t get this strange things the Airsoft retailers do of not supplying them with batteries and chargers (maybe something to do with shipping, power types I’m not sure). First impressions were good, I knew it was polymer before I bought it but it surprised me how weighty it felt. The colour was a bit bright but that could be dulled down over time and the forming of the polymer in places was a bit sketchy, but a bit of cleaning to get the flash off took care of that, however straight out of the box there was a couple of issues. Firstly stupid welded on stickers all over the lower receiver which took an age to get off (the residue is still on it) and a few of the metal parts were a bit loose which was odd for a mainly polymer gun. This particular thing was slightly disconcerting as the landwarrior test certificate was included in the box and I thought they may have noticed. Still half an hour of sticker cleaning and tightening a few allen keys and we were good to go. Tested fired it with a charged battery and all seemed fine. Just needed a game day for a proper run out. Gave the barrel a good clean and it was a good job as the amount of grease and gunk that came out was unbelievable ( I would recommend this for any new gun), put the usual spray lube in and we were ready.

Chrono’d the weapon at the first game and over 5 shots came out at a reasonable average of 335fps, after adjusting the hop I was also getting a reasonable engagement distance, probably outranged by some of the better quality weapons out there but none the less enough for me. Rate of fire was good and it burned through 80 round midcaps pretty quick. Changing mags and the catches all worked ok how ever the fire selector is a bit on the loose side and could probably do with tightening up. The only problem I encountered was that after a while it didn’t like to be fired on single shot, it’s almost like the motor wasn’t getting the signal to spin up (I’m sure somebody more technical could explain it). This caused me an issue as I prefer to play with aimed shots rather that spray and pray. I didn’t put it down as a fault and it doesn’t happen all the time so maybe just an issue with the motor and gear box in that gun. The sights supplied were ok for clones and functioned ok (although the cheap Chinese batteries ran out in no time). The only other issue I had was that I cracked a piece of the flash hider (which isn’t removable) but it’s not hurting the gun. I’ve since added a foregrip and flip over 3x magnifier sight and a PEQ box with red laser not for any practical purpose I just though it would add to the overall look I was going for.

So would I recommend this gun, well you get what you pay for is the best way to summarise I think. For a beginner not wanting to spend a fortune yes it’s a decent choice, looks ok, works ok, a few foibles but nothing major. It’s not going to hold up against a £500 TM recoil but then it’s not supposed to. I am not going to say that it would be completely bulletproof and be perfect straight out of the box as it seems few airsoft guns are but to learn and get into the sport/hobby it’s a good way to start and to think it’s the same cost as a couple of nights out or 3 PS4 games it’s not overly expensive.

Scores (based on the value and personal opinion).
Value for money 8/10
Looks/Cool factor 7/10
In the field 7/10
Reliability 7/10



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