‘Get Heavy/Stay Heavy’ – Tokyo Marui Recoil MK17 (SCAR H)

Back in my earlier Airsofting years I procured a Cybergun/VFC MK17 and boy did I love it. Ergonomically my favourite weapon system with everything in the right places and looking as modern and NATO as I could wish for. One thing lead to another and a TM Recoil MK18 was in the pipeline, thus leading to selling off every non-recoil RIF/AEG I had to afford it. With the MK17 gone a small hole appeared inside me that I always knew had to be re-filled. Today, that dream was (re)realized.

 If you have owned or simply own a TM Recoil you’ll know these boys don’t mess about. Besides the usage of outdated tamiya connectors, weird ass loading tubes and instructions more comical than your average comic book …everything is as top spec as you’d expect for the price tag. Heavy by name sadly also transfers to heavy by price. Forking out just over £530 for essentially a toy gun is a big big step, probably meaning your either loaded or as dedicated to the platform as can be. I’ll let you figure out which category you fall in.

First things first, how is it packaged? TM really do make an effort with the boxing and presentation of their Recoil range. Nicely laid out with a very posh looking form of velcro retention and separate boxed parts for your accessories.

With the AEG itself you get a barrel extention, bag of BB’s, the aforementioned loading tube, instructions/manual and 90rd Mid-Cap magazine. All tightly secured to prevent bouncing around in the box, its does make a ‘new to the range’ individual wonder “If the box is this good, how good is the gun?”


I won’t go into dynamic specs, how the gearbox is shimmed …etc etc. We’ll keep this simple and getting bogged down in details wont do me or any readers any good, you can always check out Eagle6’s youtube channel for expert pinions. Failing that the ‘TM Next Gen Recoil’ page on facebook can tell you everything you need to know.

Externally the gun is what you expect from a Tier 1 TM product. A 1:1 replica in size (as far as I can tell) to the real deal MK17 with all the bells and whistles you’d expect to find. Adjustable stock,  adjustable cheek riser, fore and rear flip up iron sights, 20mm rails, cocking handle and much more. The fore and rear sling loops seem securely placed and perfectly capable of taking the weapon’s weight. The removable flash hider works together with the PTS AAC replica suppressor to give that ‘in the wild look’ or for Milsim esq DMR builds. The barrel itself can be changed from the CQB as pictured to a 16″ marksman length set up, the barrel extension is included in the package. Mounting externals to the 20mm rails is effortless as you expect and so far has accepted any replica or real steal mounts I’ve tested including LaRue which I’ve had troubles with before.


It’s a pretty well know fact by now the Recoil range of AEG’s will out range more commonplace brands. Once again with this model, like the others I’ve used, it seems to be the case even with stock internals. Ranging from 55-65 meters without upgrades is pretty top stuff. The gun itself recoils like other in the collection but it’s noticeably weaker than the M4 models, something which I will come back to in future posts. Armed with an 7.4v LiPo battery the rifle does perform quite well giving off the real effect you’d expect with the price tag, but on further investigation this model seems to work better with 11.1v. Sadly this will negate your use of the ‘Full Auto’ function as it could possibly fry your internals. But, I guess it’s really up to you what to do, I just wouldn’t recommend it.

The magazine themselves (both the 540rd High Capacity and 90 Mid Capacity) are thoroughly well made and have the inclusion of a mag grip built into each mag. The High Capacity magazine was purchased elsewhere and like stated you only get a 90rd Mid Capacity magazine supplied. The magazine’s spring tension seems fairly rigid and the bolt lock function works flawlessly so far. The bolt release catch (paddle) on the main body of the rifle seems a tad rough when you mock engage the bolt. This may be just the individual gun itself or maybe on all, I intend to make it a little smoother in future.

Photo: MSOT Parabellum Airsoft Team using a kitted out MK17

The Future

Upgrades! Thats what we are talking about here! Straight off the bat it’s having two 11.1v 1300mah 20c LiPo batteries, longer magicbox inner barrel, Eagle 6 recoil spring upgrade, Lonex gears, Dirty Works: Switch Life Extender and Eagle6 M95 Enhanced Spring. For me thats really it for now, but I may in future look at taking this beauty up to the 400FPS mark and locking it off to Semi only. Make it into the DMR it’s supposed to be in real life but until then it’s going to be doing some groundwork.

Overall, with the niggly bits I’ve pointed out: 8.5/10 …there’s some things Marui could have improved on but all in all another good piece of the Recoil Shock pie.

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)

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