‘Operation: Enduring Liberty’ – Manx Airsoft Club Weekender

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass”
The Manx Airsoft Club is proud to present: Operation Enduring Liberty.

With the background story of an all out invasion on the United States by Russia Military Forces, we will be holding a two day Filmsim/Milsim/Airsoft event at the Manx Airsoft Club, Jurby.

Two nations will go head-to-head for the title of ‘Ultimate Victorious Super-Power’ over a large game of themed Airsoft which is surely not to be missed. Overnight camping is available and we will be holding a small raffle with prizes ranging form Viper Tactical Kit to patches and more. Make sure you come for both days to get a ticket as the raffle is for weekender plays only!
Anyone can join any nations team with no camo/kit restrictions, but… if you want to get dressed up to match the theme there’s nothing to stop you. We will be assigning team leaders very soon so stay posted!

Pricing for the event will be a flat fee of £20 per player. Ammo, pyro and other essentials will be available to purchase in our site shop. If you require rental gear or hire guns, please follow the below link to our website for booking:



As camping overnight has been allowed we ask all patrons/players bringing alcohol/BBQs please have respect for their surroundings and do not litter and obey the laws on drink driving. Common sense factor does apply and we trust you will be able to govern yourselves in this respect. The use of drugs is strictly forbidden at this event and will not be tolerated.

If you fancy taking part in this event, head over to the Facebook event linked below and get involved:


Which Nation will you join?

Background storyline:

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass”

After several years of crippling sanctions and international isolation, Russia is no longer prepared to tolerate what it sees as unfair and deliberate targeting by one of its oldest adversaries, the United States of America. It hopes that by decapitating the head of NATO and what it believes to be the puppet master of the United Nations, that Russia can re-establish itself alongside China as the two largest players on the world stage. It also hopes that by striking at America, it can neutralise Western Europe into coming under its sphere of influence.

To achieve its aims, Russia knows that it must get as many of 771,000 strong army onto mainland US territory and drive across the country before defences can be organised against it. The shortest point for Russia to cross into the continental United States is over the Bering Strait, into Alaska. Whilst this is the quickest way for the Russians to mobilise their military, they cannot get all of these troops in country in one movement, and will have to establish a beach head and drive forward with the initial landing of troops, both airborne and over sea.

Standing against this initial assault is three US Army bases, three Air Force bases and other associated forces, numbering only 24,000, including Reserve and National Guard forces which will need to be recalled. Should they be unable to hold out long enough for the US to mobilise the rest of its 1.4 million strong armed forces,Russia will be able to a surge down the western coast of Canada and into the north western states of Washington and Oregon, potentially threatening the borders of California.

Not for a lack of irony, the Russian Federation has selected the 4th July as its target date to begin its invasion of the US.


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