Phoenix Tactical Kydex Holsters

So for some time, I’ve been considering getting a kydex holster for one of my pistols, but never really felt it worth the hassle to import one from the US, who have a number of retailers for such things. However, and unusually so, Facebook happened to provide a recommendation I actually wanted, and came up with Phoenix Tactical, a Tenerife based retailer.

I’d seen that some of their products were stocked by Airsoft World so this reassured me that they were a genuine company. My order was order number 20 so they are pretty new to the market, offering customisable Kydex holsters for nearly all pistol types. There website can be found here:

The spec I went for was: Alpha type, for an M&P9, in tan, with no cant, no frontal shield, full rear shield and closed muzzle (all drop down options).

As far as I’m aware each order is individually made, and took 8 working days from ordering to delivery, which I have no complaints about, with email updates provided at each stage.

So onto the holster itself.



The finish appears to be high quality, a good dull colour to it, and has a good rigidity to it, so it should keep its shape and retention well. It came with two belt loops that are securely attached to the back of the holster.

As I went with the closed muzzle option (due to the sandy environment of our site) Phoenix has added a small drainage hole, so when it throws it down, it shouldn’t get flooded.


The inside of the holster has a smooth, polished finish that makes drawing and holstering easy, and as yet has not put any marks or scuffs onto my slide, with only some marking on the holster itself from the left hand side safety of the pistol marking the inner shield. The retention is solely based on friction, which did give me some concerns when ordering, however having holstered the pistol and vigorously shaken the holster (upside down as well) it took some very violent shakes to get the pistol to jump free, so I’m confident that under normal skirmish conditions, the pistol won’t be going anywhere, and as yet I haven’t  been proven wrong in the 3 or 4 game days that I have run this holster.


Due to this level of retention, you do need to make a very positive upward draw to get the pistol to leave the holster, a gentle pull won’t be enough and initially this felt slightly strange coming from Serpa holsters where once you’ve hit the release, the pistol comes free with ease. This is not a criticism of the holster, rather an observation of differences.

As can be seen in the pictures, the moulding of the kydex has managed to capture fine details like the serrations on the slide and other minor details that suggest this product has been moulded well.


The ultimate test for any product, is given what I know now, would I buy it again? Well as I’m currently considering getting a second holster for my P226, this product has passed that test.

Whilst at £65 posted this is certainly an expensive holster, and many other options such as the Blackhawk Serpa, FOBUS and IMI exist, I would have no issue in recommending Phoenix Tactical as a solid choice, both from a product perspective and also a retailer. There is a limited range of their holsters available from Airsoft World, but I would suggest ordering direct to get the holster how you want it.

Next up on the gear list, an overview and first impressions of the Ferro Concepts FCPC Assault Solution, followed up by a more detailed in use review after a few games!

~ Adam Smith (SMIFFY)
~ Adam Smith (SMIFFY)

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