“Bored Of Abroad?” – Templar Assault Systems Pouches, Made In Great Britain

Building loadouts can be such a hassle, especially when you specifically want one thing and it’s not readily available in the UK. Recently I’ve been trying to find SFLCS pouches, a marine corp issue kit, to go with my CPC for a Marine Raider inspired kit. America obviously has them everywhere in their militaria stores but if you’re not a yank, and on the Isle of Man ….then it’s a completely different ball game. Seems a different option needed to be found.
TEMPLAR ASSAULT SYSTEM Multicam HEGrenade pouch-500x500
You may have heard of Templar Assault Systems, based in the UK and sold through multiple outlets and online kit providers. I had the opportunity of using some of their original line of products back in the early 2000’s and wasn’t that impressed, so much so I swapped the pieces out for Viper’s original line of pouches. As of late though, I’ve been re-looking into their latest line of products and besides the price I was shocked about a few things.
I decided to pick up two frag pouches, a smoke/flash pouch, torch/multitool pouch and GPS wallet form Odin Tactical in Otterburn (a place I’ve spent many a wet occasion). Culminating in £30 shipped for 5 pouches I was already intrigued as to whether the price reflects the quality, bearing in mind they were ‘on sale’ but only at a fraction cheaper than RRP.
The colour labelled as Coyote Brown which is supposedly a darker sand variant of Tan matched up quite well to some smaller USMC issue pieces I’ve acquired and looks the part. 1000D cordura throughout and with good double stitching in the places its meant to be overall casts good favour in my eyes, rather impressed. If your a tad patriotic, it helps to know all TAS equipment is made in the UK and comes in many variant camos like Multicam, CB, AtacsFG and weirdly enough Multicam/Black.
Looking through all the items is making me wonder what the catch is, and the only niggly thing I can find is the retention system. The MOLLE straps seem a tad long (only by a mm or so) which causes a slight vertical movement. This could easily be counteracted by simple adding in weight but to be honest, it isn’t a major setback whatsoever.
 TEMPLAR ASSAULT SYSTEM Folding Magazine pouch TAN folded-500x500
So if you’re simply put off by expensive postage fees and delayed wait times then Templar Assault Systems could be the pouch/vest/kit supplier you’ve been waiting for but sadly just never heard of. Search eBay, Amazon or maybe your local airsoft forums for their stuff, it’s pretty easy to find and at a price you can hardly say no to.
~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)

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