Operation: Enduring Liberty Update!


So as we draw closer to the M.A.C. Weekender, Op: Enduring Liberty, there’s a few key updates for you guys to take onboard.

  • As voted by the players, we will be introducing a camo requirement. The US based team will be adhering to a Tan/Multicam/DDPM type set of uniform requirements and Russian Forces a general Green to black and woodland variants. Remember this doesn’t include any of you tactical gear i.e. plate carriers, helmets etc…
  • We will have a burger van type arrangement being available on the Saturday AM and PM, also on the Sunday PM. You can bring your own food, a packed lunch for the break is required.


  • The games last a whole day. Besides the break for lunch, you will be playing non-stop like most UK events so the general stress level will be increased.
  • Hydrate!!! With the weather being consistently good as of late, taking on water should be on the top of your priorities list. Make sure you bring two days worth, you will most likely need it.
  • Consumables like batteries and ammo will get ran through rather quickly. Charge enough power source for the weekend and pack ammo as well. We will have .20’s and .25’s for sale along with pyro if needs be.
  • If you need gun hire, book it now! With the numbers rising the stock of club guns will be limited, early bird catches the worm.


  • If you’re coming, add yourself onto the Manx airsoft Club Official Facebook event. Without seeing numbers its hard for us to calculate scenarios that will fit the event. It doesn’t cost you anything you to click attending, so just get it done. The event will be the only place to see event additions as they happen.
  • Bring camping equipment. We have a 35man large tent but it won’t accommodate everyone and you wont have much privacy. Bring a personal tent if you dont want to be around a lot of sweaty smelly airsofters, I know I won’t be.
  • The number one rule: Have Fun… If you’re not having fun, getting involved and making the most out of the event, then maybe this isn’t the right sport for you.


If you haven’t clicked attending, do so here:


For gun hire, contact the event organisers here:


Any other enquiries, contact the Manx Airsoft Club Committee on their Facebook Group:



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