“About As Custom As It Gets” – The MAC Land Rover ‘WMIK’

We’ve built some odd stuff over the years, but with a new-found urgency to get the MAC maintenance finished…. we added something a little different this year!


Before the purists jump all over this, this is from scratch. There was no plans involved, just a few pictures from google and a few memories I could muster up from years back. It’ll never look exactly like a real WMIK, but f**k it… it’s better than nothing!

So given the Manx airsoft Club’s main objectives this year were to enhance all aspects of the clubs gameplay and site maintenance, we suddenly found a month or so in we were way way ahead of schedule. Positions dug, safe-zone revamped…etc etc left us with not a lot to do. A crazy idea came to mind which had been previously suggested before my time as a committee member but sadly never actioned, and idea to build a “gun boat” with one of our two Land Rovers. By no means a mammoth task but with a short supply of available materials, man power and burnable cash the idea was left on the back-burner.

Land Rover 110, before the project
Land Rover 110, before the project

Given the speedy execution of the years entire maintenance plan, me and a few select others decided to see what could be done to fulfill this long-standing club dream and produce essentially something from literally nothing. Three maintenance days later, we had something to put on the table.

We started by taking our Land Rover 100 and removing the hard shell roof and degraded doors and taking back some of the mock ‘space armour’ previously welded to the side. Now leaving us with an open back we removed the windscreen and safari snorkel and set about working on the back cage. Like I said previously we had NO budget for this project and after a few back and forths about the cage, we decided to build it from scratch. What you can see in the photos is literally the remnants of a senior player’s trampoline, a few parts straightened but essentially just dropped into place (and being donated, a cost of £0.00).


With the cage starting to take shape we cut the window section from the rear door and added an old style jerry can carrier. All parts we salvaged from previous club vehicles, nothing bought in whatsoever. With a shed load of rust converter, elbow grease and select curse words the frame was locked into place and the accessories/aesthetics could start to be added. whilst we sourced a viable part to build the .50 turret mount we concentrated on painting the vehicle and the M249 mount. Steel box sections were added to mount weapons and coloured accordingly whilst also salvaging a pintle mount from another vehicle, the 249 mount was then complete.

IMG_1626We made from scratch a front basket and shovel holder, added some chevrons and installed some minor details to add to the look. Jerry cans and a spare wheel were affixed to the side to start building up the ‘look’ along with a donated cam net. We still have some home-made sand ladders to be installed along with some rifle holders to the rear of the vehicle.

By far the most complex part was the rotating .50 HMG mount. We decided to use what cash we could scrounge and buy a 1m ‘Lazy Susan’ and attach more steel pipe for the mount. With a backrest and specific hose connectors, a viable working .50 mount was in place and ready to rock.

11539574_10153144170447798_8203185791445991060_nShe ain’t the best looking WMIK you’ll ever see, but I can guarantee you wont find anything as near with the budget we were allocated. Luckily as a club and not a business, we had a good group of guys dedicated to what we were trying to achieve and put in the time and effort the project needed to succeed. Theres still some way to go, we are adding smoke grenade launchers for those ‘hairy-moments’ and a few electronic upgrades but essentially she’s running and ready for the club weekender. Trust me, you don’t want a vehicle like this (packing a .50HMG and a Daytona Gun M249) aimed in your general direction… it’s a daunting feeling, especially when operated by guys who know how to use it.

We look forward to seeing more of her on regular game days.

~  Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)



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