‘Thales Never Fails’ – TRI Modified Harris Thales Handset For Baofeng UV-5R Review

If you have a Baofeng UV-5R or similiar model from their range, you’ll undoubtedly know their stock PTT’s aren’t exactly robust. Many a tale of people literally ripping out their earpieces or snapping them is common, and the fist Mic isn’t exactly made of steel. Fortunately, they did do one thing right in the decision to make their radios adaptable to a Kenwood connection… This opens up a whole world of possibilities.


Being the Marine Raider bummer than I’ve always been, I’ve always looked for a replica (or as close to model) as possible to a Thales Mic. Options have always been limited until I saw the Emerson version for Baofeng/Kenwood on Specwarefare. Looking into this I noticed the Emerson variant lacked a lot of things. It looked tacky, the cable was straight not like the real one and the trades made it look completely off. Feeling I was at a loss and defeated once again, I happened to scroll down the page and came across this.

The TRI Modified Harris Thales Handset is exactly what it says it is. It’s a Real-Steel Harris Mic converted to take a different connection, in this case specifically for Baofeng. Now a Baofeng connection in 95% of cases is exactly the same as a Kenwood. So in conclusion, its pretty much a Kenwood connection for arguments sake. It’s compatible to the majority of the newer model Baofengs that take this type of connection.12200857_10153439870252798_2038044588_nThe handset itself has been produced initially by Harris Communications out of the USA. These models have seen very famous use within the United States Marine Corps as well as their Tier One units like Navy Special Warfare and the Marine Raider Battalions. The build quality of the handset as expected is Milspec and top of the line, as it was essentially an ‘in-service’ PTT. Also, when opening it up for the first time it became apparent that it was actually a ‘used’ item so to speak, the scratches and sand falling out of the retention clip made this very obvious and almost adds an essence of ‘there and back’ to the Handset.

The Handset has four main notable features:

  • The connection which has been outfitted to accept Baofeng/Kenwood range of radios with original cable.
  • High and Low external volume control on the from of the handset negating the need to turn down the radio itself.
  • External embedded PTT buttons to enable quick communication and stop accidental sending.
  • 1.00mm external microphone adapter port of added earpiece accessories

Overall I’m really impressed with this piece of kit. After a few tests with my two Baofengs and a Kenwood the sound is crisp and clear. The PTT activates the radio with no delay and no disruption whatsoever. A few kicks across the floor (intentionally) showed up not damge to the exterior and interior function did not seem to be affected.

Photo courtesy of Specwarfare Airsoft

The look of this PTT is fantastic. For some people it could be a bit too bulky, but I’d happily trade off that for the reassurance it is as durable as a real one… as it is, essentially, real. One of those items I will happily refer to colleagues in the sport and have already had two others purchase one. If your looking for something robust, ready and as real as it gets… this is the PTT for you.


Where to purchase: http://store.specwarfare.com/en/tri-modified-original-thales-communications-speaker-ptt-kenwood-2-pins#

~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)
~ Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)


2 thoughts on “‘Thales Never Fails’ – TRI Modified Harris Thales Handset For Baofeng UV-5R Review

  1. Hey, thanks for the review! Does it work just fine when transmitting? I read that you may need to have amplification when connecting a real thales mic to a baofeng. Did TCA already amplify the speaker or is there no amplification needed with the thales hand mics (also the non tca 6 pin versions) in general?
    Thanks a lot!

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