‘A Step In The Right Direction’ – Salomon GTX 3D Comet

Given the weather has gone from shocking to diabolical in short series of weeks and having a lack of decent waterproof footwear I started doing some research. If you have read some previous articles I’ve published, you will know I like to be as economical as possible. If you haven’t, basically, I’m a cheap skate.


Luckily I have a very supportive partner, so when a birthday or Xmas present needs purchasing she has the forethought to straight up ask me what I would like. It seems a tradition now that every birthday ends up with a new set of footwear as I go through shoes like Forest Gump. Given some time to research what I would have next I came across the Salomon range and delved a little deeper into their background.

Salomon have been around since 1947 starting out in Aneccy, France and have supplied commercial snow sports and hiking solutions for 68 years. At one point Adidas bought the company out before being finally sold to Amer Sports of Finalnd in 2005. The brand’s reputation precedes them, being well-known to have supplied test items to the Special Forces community for many different countries (the 4D quest Forces model being a prime example). Salomon boots all have a manufacturers guarantee android can find plenty of help, FAQ’s and customer feedback on their main website:


So now that’s out the way we’ll go into the specifics we’ve noticed so far. I’ve gone for the Dark Titanium/Swamp/Turf Green colour for this model. I did consider the absolute brown option as it was more towards a milspec colour but I wanted something that would fit my tastes both on and off the field. Seems to mold itself well against a multicam backdrop and would probably match well against a more woodland based loadout.

The boot’s tread is very versatile. Given the amount of clearance in the tread removing mud and build up shouldn’t be a grueling task if the boot hasn’t removed it for you already. Textured grooves and flexibility make for a rugged grip that’s should in theory help prevent loose footing on various surfaces.

The Comet variant features a full Goretex lining to prevent what I like to call ‘soppy toe syndrome’ from excessive sweating and the outside elements. With Goretex however, previous experience has taught me that unless you look after the boot meticulously then will decay over time. You can take that as a downside but I’d assume its common sense to most walkers/military types.

The Main Points to Take Away:

  • From off the bat, these things are light. I mean surprisingly light given the appearance and overall detail/craftsmanship. In comparison, they actually weigh less than my Merrell Intercepts which was a slight shock.
  • The Contagrip tread grips like a beast. Wet concrete, damp shale and a majority of surfaces you may encounter won’t be an issue.
  • It feels like a trainer. If the boot didn’t extend all the way to your ankle, you may be forgiven for thinking it was a running shoe. Comfort and support in one package is expected and Salomon haven’t let us down with the Comets.
  • The 3D Chassis allows for better impact to ankle and ball areas of your feet. If you come bounding over a wall onto a hard surface, the Chassis offers a fantastic cushioning to prevent to your lower limbs and feet.
  • Laces coming undone? Dont worry, you won’t have any issues. The locking S system incorporated makes sure the boots stays firmly attached to your feet and not lost in the wilds.
Soloman GTX 3D Comet
Soloman GTX 3D Comet

Given these boots have only been in my possession for a few weeks now, it’s already becoming clear that these are a winner. The mixture of well thought out ankle protect over comfort and dexterity hit all the right buttons. If I was to pick out a few niggly issues, I’d have to speculate at the long-term outcome of continued wear. Looking around the boots there doesn’t seem to be anywhere lacking any vital support or protection. Contrary to my first impressions, a close friend who works in the outdoor pursuits have told me to stay well away from salt water and washing machines. Given his experience in the subject and owning a fair few models by Salomon I won’t be taking this information lightly… for now, I’m thoroughly impressed.

Although a more milspec colour set, like with the 4D’s, should be on the cards for the company’s design team. Maybe change some of the colour names, swamp green doesn’t sound as good as it actually looks in real life. This being said, be aware this set looks a lot better in real life than an online picture gives away.

Final thought….? Yeah, I’d recommend. The comfort/weight/price/looks combo makes for an enticing purchase. 9/10

Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)



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