‘Hot Stocking Fillers’ – A Few “Bang For Your Buck” Christmas Deals

We all like finding a bargain, it’s nothing to be ashamed off. Fortunately, it’s something we do here at Manx Pew Pew very well indeed. We also like to share the info we have so we aren’t the only ones to reap the benefits. Today we have listed a few eye catching deals that may make those stockings a bit heavier, without the addition of coal.the-tactical-christmas-stockingSay what you want about Christmas, but you don’t half get some good deals going on. Straight of the mark and Tactical Kit UK is offering 15% of all Tactical Tailor gear and apparel throughout December.

Simply go to: http://www.tactical-kit.co.uktackit

Taking a look at the Asia market it seems ebairsoft (previously ebaybanned) has a new range of tactical gear replica suppliers and a whole new range of GoPro Accessories available. Whilst the price is drastically low, the real kicker is its free shipping on EVERYTHING. Beware though they have a tendency to delay shipping for odd reasons, so you’ll need to be prepared.

Simply go to: http://www.ebairsoft.com/products_new.php


Airsoft titans and Manx Pew Pew favourite brand Tokyo Marui have just released their newest edition to the GBB range, the M4A1 MWS. Although the RRP of around £450-£480 for most stores is common, the guys over at Fire-Support have them in for £400. Currently sold out but the next batch will be in very soon:

Simply go to: www.fire-support.co.ukfsp

We’ll keep you all up to date with more deals as we spot them, but if you see them first… let us know and we’ll get the news out there for everyone. Happy shopping!!!

Jomarre Tomlinson (STICKMAN)


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