‘Improvise, Adapt and Overcome’ – TMC Adaptive Vest (2015ver.) Part 1 (First Impressions)

In an era when keeping up with that Milsim Wannabe loadout is proving more costly every second, you would believe that the replica market would step up their game. Fortunately TMC Sports Gear and the likes of Rasputin Item have seen the gap in the Crye Replica market. Today I’ve been blessed with a chance to have a brief look at the 2015 Version of the TMC Adaptive Vest (Crye AVS Replica). You know what, it’s not that bad eitherTMC Adaptive Vest 15 Ver CB


The Adaptive Vest is a the second Crye AVS replica installment that TMC have produced. Back when we first decided to put words to paper with Manx Pew Pew we reviewed the former of the two and for the price, we were quite impressed. This carrier is a whole new ball game. The integrated AVS style pouches have been replaced with a removable molle panel, giving better options for attachments. The plate bags have been sized and shaped to look more on parr with the Crye original. Labelled as Coyote brown is not a false statement, compared to Ferro, Crye and BFG the matt coyote brown finish is an exact colour match. We apologise for the low quality pictures, we had a short space of time in which to do this quick once-over.

As we’ve probably given away, we love Marine Raider Inspired kits here at Manx Pew Pew. If you’re of this persuasion, then you already know the want factor with a Coyote Brown AVS is ‘much want’ and are highly sought after. The real deal is expensive, but if you want something that won’t make you refinance your home this may be for you. Average cost from a china or offshore seller is around £75 shipped to your door. The colour options available are: Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Black, Khaki, all Kryptek patterns, AO1/AOR2 and all crye multicam patterns. The carrier only comes in size medium plates only (sadly) and is made of 500D Cordura.


Main Features:

  • Improved Release: TMC have incorporated a Duraflex 1.5 inch Buckle, keeping up with current day realism.
  • Improved 2 Band Skeletal Cummerband: the previous vest came with a 3 band, but it was poorly sized and the Molle was often out of proportion.912683_10153518009212798_204117172_n
  • Improved Stitching: The old version wasn’t band, but could have been better around the harness sections. This has been corrected and double stitched for strength and durability.
  • Updated Plate Bags. In general, a lot of re-thought has gone into these essential parts of the carrier. The outer edges have incorporated an elastic edging as done with the original therefore adding more realism and ease for plates. The velcro is of better quality, more retention and the correct colour.12366698_10153518008962798_1850223859_n
  • Updated Harness: the shoulder harness material feels more durable and a little stiffer, the previous offering was a tad flimsy. TMC have added in a releasable system as like the real AVS which actually works and it’s a one-for-one representation. The padding on the inside is nicer, more realistic and provides a lot more comfort to the wearer.
  • Updated shoulder Pads: Now, this is a let down. It seems TMC have made the removable shoulder pads to skinny to actually work. We will investigate more into this as we have only had a brief look so far, but the carrier does come with optional flex versions. So, your technically not left without at least.12399065_10153518009092798_162509280_n
  • Shoulder Harness Connectors: These have been replaced to a more sturdy looking pt metal. We will confirm this over the next few weeks in part two of this review and see how they hold up
  • Detachable Molle Flap: as we said before, the last installment only had one option, a three mag AVS style pouch and nothing else. This time around, TMC have incorporated the Molle version but on the market are new TMC pouch systems to make the vest more adaptable to mission specific roles. A nice touch by the company and very akin to what the real carrier can do.12398986_10153518009297798_1054518684_n

12380332_10153518009352798_876477595_nOverall, a lot of changes have been made. It looks like TMC have done some real research into what the Airsoft/Milsim community expects of a replica and taken that advice onboard. I’m happy to say that in person the plate carrier does look very good. I don’t have the option yet to go into the flexibility and durability as well… I literally had 30 minutes to look it over. However we do have an ‘operative’ (lol) who will be taking this out regularly into the field and putting it through its paces, so stay tuned for part two of this review in the near future. For the cost, colour and overall appearance of this carrier, I would say it’s a firm Christmas favourite for anyone who needs a Crye AVS specific loadout. You can find this carrier on eBay from numerous sources or alternatively  at:



If you like what you see, keep checking back with us. We’ll be taking a further look into this carrier once its been dragged through the mud a few times.


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