Ferro Concepts PTT Retainer

A small, but very handy piece of tactical nylon out of Canada, from Ferro Concepts. Coming in at £3.49 from Tactical Kit, it’s also not an attempt to rip anyone off.


In many ‘In the Wild’ pictures you’ll probably see many PTTs wrapped with elastic bands, keeping them in place on someone’s PC. Well this is the more rugged option than using elastic bands, which will degrade over time and might leave you with a PTT swinging free.


Simply slide the retainer under the MOLLE loop that you want to mount the PTT to, remove the crocodile clip on the pack of the PTT, and wrap the two bungees around the end of the PTT, as shown below:


Et voila, no more crocodile clips slipping off loops, and holds the PTT much closer to the PC.

For £3.49 this is very much Pew Pew approved! So get rid of those elastic bands.

11407082_10153089660668640_6902916265359932079_n (2)

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