JTAC Custom – Foam SAPI plates

Reviewed below is the kind of product that anyone who has a plate carrier, real or repro, should be picking up. There is no easier way to ruin a plate carrier than to leave the plate bags empty and then load it up with stuff, and watch it fold, flop and twist in use. Any plate carrier should be fitted with plates, whether that is real, repro or home made.

Review below is the JTAC Custom 20mm Replica SAPI plate, sized medium. JTAC produce replica plates in sizes extra small through to extra large, in 3 levels of thickness (10, 15 & 20mm), and also side pocket plates if you wanted them as well.


The product is nothing revolutionary, they are made of dense foam and laser cut to shape, along with the added JTAC Custom logo and plate size cut into the plate. (They used to offer custom logos for around a £12 set up fee, although I’m unsure if they still do this). As I purchased the 20mm version, there is plenty of rigidity, without adding any weight at all.


Many replica plates try to also replicate the weight of genuine SAPI plates, which adds a significant amount of weight to any plate carrier. Even for the fitter airsofters amongst us, they will probably weigh you down, without providing any benefit at all. They are also much cheaper than many of training or other replica plates around, clocking in at £12 a piece.

These have been used for 3 game days so far, and they haven’t shown any flexing or warping. I did worry, that with them being foam, they might act as a heat/sweat soak, but as yet this concern has proven to be unfounded (that might be thanks to the mesh on both my FC rigs or that I haven’t been working hard enough in game yet).

Definitely recommended by Manx Pew Pew for anyone with a plate carrier. Gives shape and rigidity with minimal weight addition. A very high speed, low drag piece of equipment.

11407082_10153089660668640_6902916265359932079_n (2)

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