“The Pointy End” – Viper Tactical Recon Knife Review

I don’t really like knives. If I’m honest, I don’t really see the appeal in them. I’m originally from Leicester and in my ‘youth’ my first experience of a knife, that wasn’t from the cutlery tray, was being pointed in my face by a local idiot showing off to his mates. I guess my uninterest stems from there; however times do change and recently I’ve found I’m constantly borrowing one. If you’ve read my posts before you’ll notice I’m somewhat of a polar opposite to colleague and co-owner Smiffy…he like his gucci kit and thats cool but I’m a cheapskate always looking for a bargain. So I took a plunge whilst in Patrol Base and picked this up, the Viper Tactical Recon Knife.


We’ll get the manufacture details out the way, this is from Viper’s website and can say its pretty much what you’re getting:

  • Locking 85mm steel blade
  • Thumb stud blade release
  • Composite side plates
  • Metal belt clip
  • Black belt knife pouch

For starters, lose the pouch… its an added extra and I would never trust a knife pouch that can be cut if you accidently leave the blade out. Possibly use it for a pistol mag maybe but that’s totally up to you and your chosen magazines.

The knife itself however isn’t too bad. The blade comes sharp, hinges oiled and prepped and sealed in pretty well presented packaging. First glances its a very nice looking knife and as far as the internet tells me its a basic copy of the Cold Steel variant…however they have taken so time to add a few nice details like the embossed grip. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the most extravagant of design and it may sound like I’m really not into this knife. It looks like a million other variants on the market except for one thing…. its costs £15.00…yeah, no shit!

Lets put this into perspective; it’s a strong blade that locks back securely, the grip does its job really well whether its wet or dry and it comes at an affordable price. Depending on what you want a knife for, may it be finishing or some other dependant hobby, this actually fits my requirements. I can open a box, cut rope and cut away unneeded material around wounds etc… so it works. For a total of £15.00 (and lower in some places) you aren’t really going wrong. The only issue I have with the knife is that it needed a tad bit of Loctite on it… you can adjust the blade to the speed you need it to be extended then seal the deal. Other than that, it’s ready to go.

All in all, another bang for your buck item. If you need something basic, I’d say it may be worth a look. If you need something a little more “aggressive” than this may not be for you.


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